Our Healthcare Providers

Our credibility and professionality, while handling our customer claims and health insurance queries, make Almadallah Healthcare Management a well-trusted company, and we have proven our capability since the incorporation of our organization in 2008. We build trusted business relationships with our local and international providers and our member what makes our company the preferable company.

At Almadallah Healthcare Management, we pay attention to our customer care, working hard to expand our network. More than 3000 high-rated medical providers in UAE offer a unique system for claiming management. We extend our international network to ensure our members receive the best care all the time and where they are. We are offering direct billing access globally through our strategic partners to provide our comprehensive services with a high level of quality of care.

At Almadallah, we adopt the state-of-the-art and the best technology to make sure we are giving our members a seamless and hassle-free experience.



Dubai Insurance



Provider Type







800 PHARMACY LLC (formally Marina Star Pharmacy (Marina Pharmacy Group)Marina DubaiDubai04-366343004-3663420
800 PHARMACY LLC BRANCH (formally Marina Park Pharmacy (Marina Pharmacy Group)DubaiDubai04-448605404-4486052
Aaliya Medical CentreAjmanAjman06-747559906-7475959
Abeer Al Noor Pharmacy LLCAL RASHIDIYADubai04-2362305,236231804-2591372
Abeer Al Noor PolyclinicAl GussaisDubai04-261224804-2612366
Abeer Al Noor Polyclinic BranchMUHAISANAH SECONDDubai04-272996604-2428849
Abeer Al Noor Polyclinic Branch L.L.LC (Al Noor Polyclinic Group) - DeiraDeira DubaiDubai04-234301704-2838348
Abrahams Medical CentreRollaSharjah06-561273706-5613426
Abris Medical Centre LLCBur DubaiDubai04-353535604-3535359
Abris Pharmacy LLCBur DubaiDubai04-353535704-3535359
Abudhabi Pharmacy ( Al Neem group)Al Khan StreetSharjah  
Abwab Al Kheir Pharmacy L.L.CDubaiDubai04-3607655 
Acces Pharmacy Al Qouse Al QuozDubai04-380721804-3808219
Access Al Rolla ClinicRollaSharjah06-561205006-5612578
Access Clinic – DIPJebel AliDubai04-880040804-8800409
Access Clinic AjmanAjmanAjman06-740477806-7404771
Access Clinic Al QuozAl QuozDubai04-321754404-3217545
Access Clinic BurdubaiBur DubaiDubai04 352730004 3527311
Access Clinic DIC Br DM Healthcare LLC (Aster Group)DubaiDubai04-5896619 
Access Clinic FreezoneDubaiDubai04-880657704-8806599
Access Clinic International CityInternational CityDubai04-360658704-3623724
Access Clinic MuwailiahSharjahSharjah06 535993306 5435551
Access Clinic Persian ZoneInternational CityDubai04-552013904-5520158
Access Clinic SonapurDubaiDubai04 251026604 2510433
Access Clinic Sonapure 2DubaiDubai04-263727904-2631809
Access Pharmacy 2 DubaiDubai04-267294604-2672948
Access Pharmacy 3 (BR OF ACCESS PHARMACIES GROUP L.L.C)DubaiDubai04-883386204-8833172
Access Pharmacy AjmanNew IndustrialAjman06-746201106-7462102
Advance Cure PharmacyAl Bateen AreaAbu Dhabi024100824 
Advanced Al Ain Pharmacy Oasis Branchal ainAl Ain(03) 722 7626(03) 751 5019
Advanced Care Medical Center LLC (Branch)MUHAISANAH SECONDDubai04-2636800 
Advanced Care Medical CentAL QOUZ SECONDDubai04-2355200 
Advanced Care Medical Center -Al QuozAl QuozDubai04-339766404-3397663
Advanced Care Medical Center Branch -Jabel aliDubaiDubai04-885078804-8850788
Advanced Care Medical Center LL (Branch)DubaiDubai04-8786503 
Advanced Care Medical Center LLC (Branch)JABAL ALI INDUSTRIAL SECONDDubai04-3807807 
Advanced Care Oncology Center LLCJebel AliDubai04-5656300 
Advanced Care PharmacyAl QuozDubai04-330712004-3307121
Advanced Care Pluse Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai048829700048829702
Advanced Diagnostic CenterDeira DubaiDubai04-320388304-3203993
Advanced Medical Center-Al Ainal ainAl Ain03-764144103-7641449
Advanced Medical CentreSheikh RashidAjman06-745996906-7459919
Advanced Star Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai04-885115404-8851164
Ahlan Care Pharmacy L.L.CInternational CityDubai  
Ahmed Aljadeeda PharmacySharjahSharjah06-553331606-5533316
Airis Imaging and Diagnostic CentreAl NahdaDubai04-852591604-8525917
Ajmal PharmacyAL KARAMADubai04-336080104-3360802
Aknaf Bait Al Maqdes Pharmacy LLCSharjahSharjah06-550060206-5500603
AL ABRAR PHARMACY ( Al Neem Group)Al NakheelRas Al Khaimah072080157 
AL ABRAR PHARMACY LLC ( Al Neem Group)AjmanAjman  
Al Adil Pharmacy LLCHamidyiaAjman06-745075506-7450755
Al Afdal Medical CentreKing Abdel Aziz StreetSharjah06-5590007 
Al Afdhal Pharmacy L.L.C - SharjahSharjahSharjah65217622 
Al Aielah AlSaeeda PharmacyBuhairahSharjah06-575122206-5517898
Al Ain Cromwell Pharmacyal ainAl Ain03-799000003-7638488
Al Ain Pharmacy Main Branchal ainAl Ain(03) 765 5120(03) 765 5129
Al Ain Pharmacy Branch 1 Shabahatal ainAl Ain(03) 765 6506(03) 765 6508
Al Ain Pharmacy Branch 2 Al Yaharal ainAl Ain(03) 766 9884(03) 751 5019
Al Ain Pharmacy Branch 3 Al Ain City Centeral ainAl Ain(03) 766 9788(03) 751 5019
Al Ain Pharmacy Branch 4 Waha Mallal ainAl Ain(03) 766 1511(03) 751 5019
Al Amal Medical CentreSharjahSharjah06-525892706-5258917
Al Amal PharmacyAl Tawoon StreetSharjah06-5770641 
Al Aman Medical Center L.L.CDubaiDubai04-228849004-2288491
Al Aman PharmacyRollaSharjah06-523399106-5233992
Al Aman PharmacyOman StreetRas Al Khaimah07-226113906-5561133
Al Amanah Medical Center LLCSharjahSharjah06-561554506-5614478
Al Ameen pharmacyDeira DubaiDubai04-271369504-2731737
Al Ameen Pharmacy, Ras al khaimahRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-258505307-2584053
Al Aqsa Pharmacy LLCSharjahSharjah06-577470406-5774703
Al Arif Heart & childrens Medical Centre L.L.C (MOH-F-1000120)RollaSharjah052-9809226 
Al Aweer Society PharmacyBr of LLC DubaiDubai04-320190004-3201800
Al Azhar Al Jadeeda PharmacyDubaiDubai04-885837404 8858375
Al Azhar ClinicDubaiDubai04-885959604 8859597
AL AZHAR CLINIC BR DIP 2 -Right Health Investment LLC Group (Non- Government)DUBAI INVESTMENT PARK SECONDDubai04 8870370 
Al Azhar Clinic BranchDubaiDubai04-885837304 8858375
Al Azhar Clinic Branch 3 -Right Health Investment LLC Group -Non GovernmentDubaiDubai04 885 8373 
Al Azhar Medical Clinic - Right Health Investment LLC GroupSharjahSharjah04 885 8373 
Al Azhar PharmacyDubaiDubai04-885959804 8859597
Al Azhar Pharmacy - Right Health Investment LLCSharjahSharjah04 383 6323 
Al Bairooni Pharmacy LLCAL KARAMADubai04 370917904 3709176
Al Baraha Pharmacy LLCBarahaDubai04- 272725204- 2726894
Al Baraka PharmacyDeira DubaiDubai04-223050004-2238684
Al Barsha Al Noor Polyclinic (Al Noor Polyclinic Group)DubaiDubai04-221812204-2218122
Al Barsha PharmacySharjahSharjah06-575404606- 5754049
Al Bashaer Medical ClinicAl BustanAjman06-7424243 
Al Bassam PharmacySharjahSharjah06-5379446 
Al Bisharah Medical CentreBuhairahSharjah065544731065650133
Al Borg Laboratory DeiraDeira DubaiDubai04-297778004-2976715
Al Burhan Pharmacy LLCMoweilehSharjah06-532058506-5561133
Al Burj Medical Laboratory SharjahBuhairahSharjah06-575210006-5752102
Al Bustan PharmacyAl BustanAjman06-744796906-7447959
Al Bustan Pharmacy LLCSharjahSharjah06-530996306-5309964
Al Canary PharmacySharjahSharjah06-535298006-5344479
Al Corniche PharmacyJumeirahDubai04-344722004-3445780
Al Dalil Medical CenterSharjahSharjah06-523656606-5236131
Al Dar Pharmacy L.L.CAl NakheelRas Al Khaimah07-228108007-2281083
Al Dawa & Al Jamal Phamacy (formerly Al Saha & Al Jamal Pharmacy Branch-1)SharjahSharjah06-539949906-5399335
Al Deqqa Pharmacy DubaiDubai04/327808804/3278099
Al Dhaid Medical CenterDhaidSharjah06-882353506-8822385
Al Dhuha Medical CenterAjmanAjman06-740-563306-740-5683
Al Diaa Pharmacy LLCAjmanAjman06-745286906-7452836
Al Dorra Pharmacy Br of LLCJumeirahDubai04-347848104-3447627
Al Durrah Medical LabBuhairahSharjah06-556860006-5568585
Al Durrah Radiology Center LLCSharjahSharjah06-556988806-5561414
Al Ehsan PharmacyHor Al AnzDubai04-297598604-2975986
Al Elaj Pharmacy LLCWaset St.Sharjah06-558305806-5583048
AL Eman Pharmacy LLCKhalifa StreetAjman06-746640706-7466402
Al Enaya Al Faiqa Pharmacy LLC - DXBInternational CityDubai04-3531555 
Al Enaya Pharmacy LLCAjmanAjman06-749221206-7492928
Al Enwan Medical CentreKhorfakkanSharjah09-238388197192383884
AL FAIEZ MEDICAL CENTRE LLCSharjahSharjah06 886120206 8861204
Al Faiha Medical CentreSharjahSharjah06-5544420 
Al Faisal Pharmacy LLC DubaiDubai04-348510204-3488247
Al Farabi Specialist ClinicAl NakheelRas Al Khaimah07-227669907-2276969
Al Farah Al Hadithah Pharmacy LLCSharjahSharjah06 574606606 5746061
Al Farah Pharmacy SharjahAL Nahda Sharjah06-536370706-5362433
Al Farah Pharmacy LLC, DubaiDubaiDubai04-250730604-2507307
Al Fardan Centre Pharmacy LLCBuhairahSharjah06-575280906 -5752890
Al Fardoos Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai04-441059004-4410580
Al Fares PharmacyAl taawun SquareSharjah06-530 421206-530 4215
Al Farooq PharmacySharjahSharjah06-531534306-5313849
AL FURQAN PHARMACY LLCSharjahSharjah06 886191006 8861910
AL GHAIL MEDICAL CENTRE LLCRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07 258946407 2585465
Al Gharafa medical centre L.L.CAjmanAjman06-7448322 
Al Gharafa Pharmacy LLCSharjahSharjah067410313067410313
Al Hana Medical Center L.L.CAL SATWADubai04-3491488 
Al Haramain PharmacyAL Nahda Sharjah06-531677906-5319725
Al Hawi PharmacyDeira DubaiDubai04-222144504-2220701
Al Hekma Pharmacy LLC, AjmanNaemiyaAjman06-746668906-7469946
Al Hikma Pharmacy FujairahDibbaFujairah09-223144209-2232666
Al Hikma Pharmacy SharjahAl NasereyaSharjah06-565726806-5640128
Al Hikma Pharmacy, DubaiDeira DubaiDubai04-266318804-2663188
AL HSAYAT PHARMACYAl NakheelRas Al Khaimah07-227700207-2277559
AL HUDAIBAH GENERAL CLINIC LLCNakheelRas Al Khaimah07-222218807-2222185
Al Ibtesama Al Jathaba Dental ClinicMoweilehSharjah06-5530048 
Al Inaya Al Mutaqadimah Pharmacy LLCSharjahSharjah06-534566306-5345669
Al Israa PharmacyWaset St.Sharjah050-8987923 
Al Ittihad GroupAjman-SharjahAjman06 - 744 14 1406 - 744 56 16
Al Ittihad Poly Clinic & Diagnostic CentreAjmanAjman06-744141406-7445616
Al Jadeedah PharmacyKing Abdel Aziz StreetSharjah06-575728506-5757285
Al Jamiaa Medical Center SpecialistAjmanAjman06-748025506-7415169
Al Jazeerah PharmacyBaniyasAbu Dhabi02 552707002 5527025
Al Juma Pharmacy AL KARAMADubai04-334898104-3349414
Al Jumeiyah Al Taawoniyah Pharmacy LLCAL KARAMADubai04-398630204-3980463
Al Jurf Medical CenterAjmanAjman06-749976606-7499768
AL KANARY MEDICAL CENTRE LLCSharjahSharjah06 534443906 5344496
Al Kanz PharmacyDubaiDubai04 552164904 5521682
Al Kausar PharmacyBur DubaiDubai04-393848504-3938408
Al Khail Medical Centre, DIP-2 BranchDubaiDubai04-884149904-8841499
Al Khail Medical Centre-Al Quoz MallAl QuozDubai04-330674504-3306746
Al khaleej medical center UAQKing Faisal RoadUmm Al Quwain06-765121206-7651331
Al Khaleej PharmacyAjmanAjman06 – 744418906 – 7423880
Al Khanz PharmacyDeira DubaiDubai04-269068404-2690684
Al Khawaneej PharmacyDubaiDubai04 289221004 2892270
Al Lailak Alabyad General Dental ClinicDubaiDubai0544471045 
Al Lubnani Medical Center LLC- Dubai BranchAl BarshaDubai04-228876606-5652033
Al Lubnani Medical Centre (Formally Lebanon Medical Center)SharjahSharjah06-565292906-5652033
Al Lulu Dental ClinicRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-226909107-2269092
Al Lulu Medical CenterRollaSharjah06-564625206-5658958
Al Lulu Rak PharmacyRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-226439307-2264392
Al Madar Medical Center, AjmanAjmanAjman067412202/050773536306-7412212
Al Madeena PharmacyDubaiDubai04-340676104 3406762
Al Madina Pharmacy-FujairahAL GhorfaFujairah09-222598809-2225988
Al Madinah Pharmacy -SharjahSharjahSharjah06-886101806-8861012
Al Maher Speciality Medical ClinicRollaSharjah06-542006606-5613854
Al Majaz PharmacyBuhairahSharjah06-559979906-5599726
Al Majd PharmacyBuhairahSharjah06-528688206-5286883
Al Maleha PharmacyDhaidSharjah06-882685506-8826044
Al Maliha Medical CenterDhaidSharjah06-882333406-8826044
Al Mamoora PharmacyAjmanAjman06-742638306-7426383
Al Manara Al Ghurair PharmacyDubaiDubai04-295287104-2952873
Al Manara Al Manzil Pharmacy DubaiDubai04-362116104-3621165
Al Manara Dalia PharmacyAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-673477702-6733389
Al Manara Garden Pharmacy DubaiDubai04-366994004-3669324
Al Manara International PharmacyAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-681464402-6814645
Al Manara Pharmacy Al Ain Branchal ainAl Ain03-751667003-7519443
Al Manara Pharmacy Al Bawadi Mallal ainAl Ain03-784880203-7848806
Al Manara Pharmacy DubaiDubaiDubai04-222203204-2221588
Al Manara Pharmacy Dubai Healthcare City DubaiDubai04-445849004-4455493
Al Manara Pharmacy Fujairah FujairahFujairah09-223479209-2234793
Al Manara Pharmacy KhalifaAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-62699302-6273996
Al Manara Pharmacy Khalifa CityAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-681464402-6814645
Al Manara Pharmacy Marina Mall Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-681797702-6812544
Al Manara Pharmacy Ras Al KhaimahRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-233942207-2339423
Al Manara Sunset Mall Pharmacy DubaiDubai04-388182004-3881850
Al Manara University Pharmacy SharjahSharjah06-558900406-5589005
Al Manarah Pharmacy SharjahAl taawun SquareSharjah06-577466506-5774663
Al Mankhool PharmacyAl NahdaDubai04 255442704 2554437
Al Mansoor Medical CenterBur DubaiDubai04-355404004-3596554
Al Mansoor PharmacyAl Wehda St.Sharjah06-559170006-5599198
Al Mansour Medical CenterBuhairahSharjah06-537205006-5372060
Al Manzil Al Jadeed Pharmacy LLC - Right Health Investment LLCDubaiDubai971-506288708 
AL Manzil Pharmacy - Right Health Investment LLCDUBAI INVESTMENT PARK SECONDDubai971-506288708 
Al Mashaher Medical CentreDubaiDubai04-263330904-3345990
Al Mawadah PharmacyAl Qassimia Sharjah06-574487806-5744828
Al Mazroei Pharmacy LLCAl NajdaAbu Dhabi02-671400702-6780199
Al Meena Pharmacy LLCSharjahSharjah06-562505506-5625155
Al Moaalaj Pharmacy LLCSharjahSharjah06-521486506-5214986
Al Mubarak Centre PharmacyRollaSharjah06-563803406-5561133
Al Muntasir Medical CentreBuhairahSharjah06-573954506-5739616
Al Musalla pharmacyRollaSharjah  
Al Musalla Pharmacy -DubaiBur DubaiDubai04-328454804-3284153
Al Musalla Pharmacy AjmanAl BustanAjman06-742127106 7421271
Al Nahar pharmacy L.L.CAL Nahda Sharjah06-554588206-5545883
Al Nahda Pharmacy LLCSharjahSharjah06-556112206-5561133
Al Nahda Pharmacy-RAKOman StreetRas Al Khaimah07-227190006-5561133
Al Nahrain Pharmacy LLCAjmanAjman06-744914406-7442918
Al Nahrain Specialty Medical centerAjmanAjman06-744914406-7442918
Al Nas Pharmacy L.L.C - SharjahSharjahSharjah505486313 
Al Nasr Pharmacy KhorfakanKhorfakkanSharjah09-238418809-2384507
Al Nebras Medical Center LLCRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-2277007 
Al Neem Grand Pharmacy L.L.C - DubaiDubaiDubai04-2237770 
Al Neem Green Pharmacy L.L.C - DubaiDubaiDubai43355557 
Al Neem Pharmacy L.L.C - Abu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi25666886 
Al Neem Pharmacy L.L.C - AjmanAjmanAjman67488207 
Al Neem Pharmacy L.L.C Branch - Jafza South DubaiDubaiDubai48809667 
Al Neem Pharmacy L.L.C Branch - Jafza West DubaiDubaiDubai48876650 
Al Neem Pharmacy LLCInternational CityDubai04-369713004-3697131
Al Neem Star Pharmacy L.L.CAL QOUZ FIRSTDubai052-5922433 
Al Noor PharmacyOman StreetRas Al Khaimah07-233372906-5561133
Al Noor Clinic UAQjameyaUmm Al Quwain06-764637306-7646373
Al Noor Medical Center Al Ainal ainAl Ain03-766207203-7662078
Al Noor Poly Clinic, SatwaAL SATWADubai04-349810004-3498007
Al Noor Polyclinic RiggaDeira DubaiDubai04-230910004-2309190
Al Noor Polyclinic GroupDubaiDubai04 286241004 2862411
Al Noor Polyclinic, DeiraDeira DubaiDubai04-223332404-2278704
Al Nuaimia ClinicNew IndustrialAjman06-743226206 7430369
Al Nuaimia PharmacyNuamiyaAjman06-746787106-7467849
Al Omair Pharmacy LLCAjmanAjman06765147767651477
Al Omara Pharmacy LLC (Novo Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04-396922106-5244661
Al Oraibi HospitalAl NakheelRas Al Khaimah07-228851107-2288512
Al Plaza PharmacyJumeirahDubai04-344571104-3422765
Al Qamar Pharmacy LLCAjmanAjman04-343763606-5561133
Al Qassimiah Pharmacy LLCSharjahSharjah06-531017706-5310188
Al Qouz Pharmacy Al QuozDubai04-338440104-3387724
Al Quoz Advanced Care Pharmacy L.L.CAL QOUZ SECONDDubai04-2355200 
Al Qusais Star Medical Centre SharjahSharjah06-535013406-5350134
Al Qusais Star Pharmacy, DubaiAl GussaisDubai04-258767204-2587672
Al Qusais Star Pharmacy, Sharjah SharjahSharjah06-535097106-5350971
Al Qusais Star Polyclinic Al GussaisDubai04-258041104-2580412
Al Rabee ClinicSharjahSharjah06 539122206 5391333
Al Rafah PharmacyBur DubaiDubai04-393940204-3939557
AL RAFEAH PHARMACY LLCSharjahSharjah525105499 
Al Raha Pharmacy Bur DubaiDubai04-352338304-3515665
Al Raha Pharmacy LLCAjmanAjman06-7407560 
Al Rahah Medical Centre LLCIndustrial area Sharjah509269951 
Al Ramool Pharmacy Ras Al KhorDubai04-284423504-2844325
Al Rasheed Pharmacy LLCAL BARAHADubai04-272110806-5561133
Al Rashidiyah Al Noor Poly ClinicRas Al KhorDubai04 286241004 2862411
Al Rawaa Pharmacy LLCSharjahSharjah06-5500424 
Al Rawda Pharmacy L.L.CDeira DubaiDubai04-294078604 2940787
Al Rawda Pharmacy LLC Branch - DubaiDUBAI INVESTMENT PARK FIRSTDubai04 2940786 
Al Rawdah PharmacySharjahSharjah06-521377706-5213778
Al Rawdha Pharmacy LLCSharjahSharjah06-521377706-5561133
Al Rawi Medical CenterRASHIDIA-3Ajman06-7479393 
Al Rayah Pharmacy LLC (Novo Healthcare Group)SharjahSharjah06 577043206-5630045
Al Rayan Pharmacy -SharjahSharjahSharjah06-550947506-5509478
Al Rayan Pharmacy- Al KaramaAL KARAMADubai04-334747604-3370371
Al Razi PharmacyAl NahdaDubai04-220850304-2208504
Al Razy Pharmacy L.L.CSharjahSharjah06-537784406-5377855
Al Rehab PharmacyAl taawun SquareSharjah06-535197706-5539200
Al Rida Pharmacy L.L.CAjmanAjman06-5626962 
Al Riyadh PharmacyWaset St.Sharjah06-558335106-5385559
Al Roda Pharmacyal ainAl Ain(03) 763 3770(03) 763 7372
Al Rolla PharmacyBur DubaiDubai04-359424204-3594511
AL RUAYAH PHARMACY LLC ( Novo Healthcare Group)SharjahSharjah06-546368106-5630045
Al Rukn Medical Center - Non GovernmentRASHIDIA-3Ajman067482005067482005
Al Ruwais HospitalAl RuwaisAbu Dhabi02-602057502-8764978
Al Saada Specialized Medical Center (formally Al Saada Specialist Clinic)Ras Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah72330500 
Al Sabah Pharmacy L.L.C - SharjahSharjahSharjah65302468 
Al Sadiq PharmacyMusaffahAbu Dhabi02 553003602 5530037
Al Safa Alqouz Pharmacy L.L.C DubaiDubai04-380882404-3307446
Al Safwa Radiology CenterKing Faisal Road Sharjah06-556396906-5563969
Al Saha & Al Jamal Pharmacy- SharjahSharjahSharjah06-521009006-5213090
Al Saha PharmacySharjahSharjah06-542663006-5426632
Al Saha Wa Al Shifaa One Day Surgery Centre (Non-Government)RollaSharjah06-563261806-5632619
Al Saif PharmacyAl Wehda St.Sharjah06-553381106-5533411
Al Sajaa Pharmacy LLCSharjahSharjah06-531019906-5310133
Al Sama PharmacyAl Qassimia Sharjah06-550882006-5508830
Al Samah Pharmacy L.L.CSharjahSharjah06-566036606-5660365
Al Sana PharmacySharjahSharjah06-573161006-5731614
Al Sanabil Medical CenterSharjahSharjah06-548666206-5486665
Al Sanaiya Al Jadeeda ClinicSharjahSharjah06-542312306 7430369
Al Sanaiya Clinic -Sonapur BranchDubaiDubai04-254350004 2543837
Al Sanaiya Clinic Al Quoz BranchDubaiDubai04-340754804 3406762
Al Sanaiya Clinic, AjmanAjmanAjman06-748407806 7430369
Al Sanaiya PharmacyAjmanAjman043335502 
Al Sanaiya PharmacyDubaiDubai04-254350004 3406762
Al Saqer Pharmacy L.L.CAl BustanAjman06-748832906-7488319
Al Sarh Medical labSharjahSharjah06-5509991 
Al Seha Al Kubra Pharmacy DubaiDubaiDubai04-321992604-3219926
Al Seha Al Kubra Pharmacy LLC SharjahWaset St.Sharjah06-572121306-5579728
Al Seha Pharmacy LLCAjmanAjman06-7457887067457887
Al Shaab Medical CentreHor Al AnzDubai04-297087004-2970871
Al Sham PharmacySharjahSharjah06 574828806 5748261
Al Shamal Pharmacy L.L.CRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-2363278 
AL SHAMIL MEDICAL CENTRESharjahSharjah06-5663343 
AL SHAMS AL JADEED MEDICAL CENTRE LLCSharjahSharjah06 539753906 5397532
AL SHAMS MEDICAL & DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE LLCSharjahSharjah06 535358106 5353607
AL SHAMS MEDICAL CENTRE LLCSharjahSharjah06 542425506 5424256
AL SHAMS PHARMACY LLCRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07 258424607 2589479
Al Sharayen Pharmacy L.L.CSheikh RashidAjman06-7458889 
Al Sharq International HospitalAl Faseel AreaFujairah09-224999909-2249993
Al Sharq International Hospital PharmacyFujairahFujairah09-224999909-2249993
Al Sharq Medical CenterAl EtihadAl Sharqi RoadFujairah09-2222444/205443109-2222291/2241399
Al Sharq Medical Centre DibbaDibbaFujairah09-244733109-2444904
Al Sharq PharmacyFujairahFujairah09-2059568/205955409-2444904
Al Shifa Al Afiah PharmacySharjahSharjah06-5506551 
Al Shifa Al Khaleeji Medical Centre Branch LLCDUBAI INVESTMENT PARK FIRSTDubai04-2940786 
Al Shifa Al Khaleeji Medical Centre L.L.CDeira DubaiDubai04- 294078604-2940787
Al Shifa Medical centre KhorfakanKhorfakkanSharjah09-238428809-2384507
Al Shifa Pharmacy AL KARAMADubai04-396946904-3972237
Al Shifa PharmacyNew IndustrialAjman06 – 748147706 – 7481499
Al Shifa PharmacySharjahSharjah06-555391306-5553717
Al Shrooq Polyclinic AjmanAl BustanAjman06-745568806 7446678
Al Shualla PharmacyAL Roula St. opposite rotana hotelSharjah06-522016806-5228174
Al Sila PharmacyAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-872208702-8722087
Al Sultan Medical Center L.L.CAjmanAjman06-744418806-7414800
Al Tadawi PharmacyDubaiDubai04-299-962604-299-9636
Al Tadawi Pharmacy Immigration branchDubaiDubai04-707496804-2999636
Al Tadawi Speciality Hospital -PharmacyAl GarhoudDubai04-2309999 
Al Taif Medical Centre, DubaiDeira DubaiDubai04 222238304 2223690
Al Taif PharmacySharjahSharjah06-550541106-5505671
Al Taj Pharmacy LLCSharjahSharjah06-544432206-5444311
Al Tamimi New PharmacyDubaiDubai04-338191304-3387500
Al Tamimi Pharmacy DubaiDubai04-338145504-3394676
Al Tamimi Pharmacy LLCRollaSharjah06-562499006-5561133
Al Taqwa Pharmacy LLCAL Nahda Sharjah06-531921106-5319212
Al Waha ClinicBur DubaiDubai04 351415004 3514154
Al Waha Medical Centre LLCSharjahSharjah06 5654542 
Al Wajeha Pharmacy LLCSharjahSharjah06-548889906-5488899
Al Warqa PharmacyAl WarqaaDubai04-280169104-2801791
Al Washah PharmacyDhaidSharjah06-883324006-8833230
Al Wathba PharmacyBaniyasAbu Dhabi02 583365502 5833382
Al Woqaya PharmacyAL KARAMADubai04-334834804-3360631
Al Zahra PharmacyDubaiDubai04-337304504-3368010
Al Zahrawi PharmacyNakheelRas Al Khaimah07-228954407-2271654
Al Zaman Pharmacy L.L.C - AjmanAjmanAjman67487272 
Al Zaytoon PharmacyFujairahFujairah09-223544509-2773115
Alexis Pharmacy L.L.CAl GussaisDubai04-263052104-2632224
Alfa Pharmacy Al GussaisDubai04-280671404-2806715
Alhana Modern Medical Center L.L.CAL JAFILIYADubai04-3244034 
Ali Medical CenterNaifDubai04-224656604-2279607
Alnajim Alazraq PharmacySharjahSharjah06-528885106 - 5280280
Alpha Care Pharmacy L.L.C.Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-555838302-5558485
Alpha Medical Centre L.L.C.Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-555838302-5558485
ALPHA PEOPLES PHARMACY LLC -Al NahdaAl NahdaDubai04-323729304-3237294
Alpha Peoples Pharmacy LLC -DeiraDeira DubaiDubai04-256778704-2567780
ALPHA STAR PHARMACY LLC PharmacyAL KARAMADubai04-370761404-3707615
Amaan Pharmacy L.L.C Al GussaisDubai04-264726404-2644614
Amala Medical Center LLCAl QuozDubai056-230786104-3306515
Amber Clinic LLC Community (Outpatient) PharmacyDubaiDubai04-232510904-2942864
American Center Pharmacy LLC - DubaiJumeirahDubai  
Amina Hospital LLCAjmanAjman06-711444406-7422888
Amina Hospital Pharmacy LLC (Non Government)AjmanAjman06-711449306-7444151
ANAYA MEDICAL CENTER L L CAl QuozDubai04-3441615 
Anaya Medical Center LLC-BranchJABAL ALI FIRSTDubai04-2341479 
Angel Wings Medical Centre L.L.CDubaiDubai04-3936211 
Antony Medical CentreSharjahSharjah06-563055506-5634882
Anwar Bait Al Maqdes Pharmacy LLCSharjahSharjah06 548427006 5486200
Apex Atrium PharmacyMotor CityDubai04-277820504-2778210
Apollo Pharmacy L.L.CHamadanAbu Dhabi02-634474702-6344746
Apple Care Pharmacy LLCInternational CityDubai04-4322568 
Apple Care Pharmacy LLC BranchInternational CityDubai04 - 2463063 
Apple Clinic LLCInternational CityDubai04-422753304 432 2458
Apple International PolyclinicInternational CityDubai054-7358427 
AQUA MEDICAL CENTER L.L.CDubaiDubai04-2204005 
Arabella Pharmacy- Al Wasl RoadJumeirahDubai04-394151904-3941606
Arabian Pharmacy . AjmanAjmanAjman06-741788706-7416670
Arzanah Abu Dhabi Outpatient Pharmacy LLCZayedAbu Dhabi02 492910002 4929070
Ash Tree Clinic LLCBur DubaiDubai04-3337633 
Ash tree Pharmacy LLCBur DubaiDubai043337633 
Asia Pharmacy L.L.C.Bur DubaiDubai04-352718304-3527775
Asia Pharmacy LLCIndustrial area Sharjah509117527 
Asma Pharmacy NaifDubai04-222278604-2294419
Aster Abutina Medical CentreSharjahSharjah06 561904506 5660171
Aster Al Buhairah PharmacySharjahSharjah06-544454306-5444542
Aster Al hayat PharmacyBur DubaiDubai04-355263304-3551747
ASTER AL NAHDA MEDICAL CENTER - 1AL Nahda Sharjah06 5958792 
Aster Al Shafar Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai04-220148904-2201489
ASTER CEDARS HOSPITAL JEBEL ALIJebel AliDubai04-881400004-8814661
Aster Day Surgery Centre LLC (Non-Government)Bur DubaiDubai04-3814987043814814
Aster Day Surgery Centre Pharmacy LLCBur DubaiDubai04-3814987043814814
Aster DCC Pharmacy LLC (Aster Group)DubaiDubai04-221073204-3019615
ASTER DIAGNOSTIC CENTERAbushagaraSharjah06 597330006 5436164
Aster DIP Pharmacy LLC DubaiDubai04-880099604-8800966
Aster Grand Pharmacy Al NahdaDubai04-250571204-2505713
Aster Healthcare HypermarketDubaiDubai04-339952304-3399136
Aster HospitalBur DubaiDubai04-381480004-3552321
Aster Hospital PharmacyBur DubaiDubai04-381494304-3550795
Aster Hospital Pharmacy Br Of Aster Dm HealthcareAL QUSAIS IND. SECONDDubai04-376688804-3814814
Aster Hospital Sonapur LLCMUHAISNAH FIRSTDubai04440050004-4546003
Aster Hospital- Al Qusais (Br of Aster DM Healthcare FZC)(Dubai Branch)AL QUSAIS IND. SECONDDubai04-3766888043814814
ASTER IMAGING CENTRE AL MUTEENA (BR OF D M HEALTHCARE LLC)-Aster GroupDeira DubaiDubai04-253290004-2365019
Aster Jabel Ali Medical CenterJebel AliDubai04–8841161,04884196204-8841181
Aster JBR Pharmacy DubaiDubai04-447112704-4471128
Aster Jebelali Pharmacy Jebel AliDubai04 884023704 8840247
Aster Medical Center Pharmacy Al Muhaisna Br of DM Healthcare LLC (Aster Group)DubaiDubai04-547907004-5479124
Aster Medical Center, AjmanAjmanAjman06 7314 79906 7314 766
Aster Medical centre AbuhailAbu HailDubai04 269278504 2692751
Aster Medical Centre DeiraDeira DubaiDubai04 294509504 2223723
Aster Medical Centre Ras Al Khor (BR OF D M HEALTHCARE )L L CRAS AL KHOR IND. THIRDDubai04-3425354 
Aster Medical Centre, FujairahHamad bin AbdullaFujairah09-223491209-2234913
Aster Medical Centre, Ras al khaimah BranchAl NakheelRas Al Khaimah07-233886607 - 2338838
Aster Pharmacies Group - Al Mataf Road (Ras al khaimah)Ras Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-268122407-2665911
Aster Pharmacies Group -Al Falah StreetAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-643762502-6439304
Aster Pharmacies Group -Hamdan StreetHamadanAbu Dhabi02-622987002-6229859
Aster Pharmacies Group -KhalidiyaAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-627998902-6279986
Aster Pharmacies Group LLC BranchDubaiDubai04-5477218 
Aster Pharmacies Group - Air Port Road (Ras al khaimah)Ras Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-235221307-2352214
Aster Pharmacies Group -Defense RoadAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-447848202-4474626
Aster Pharmacies Group L.L.C- Branch of Abu Dhabi 6Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-550242902-5556524
Aster Pharmacies Group L.L.C- Branch of Abu Dhabi 8ElectraAbu Dhabi02-671183102-6711892
Aster Pharmacies Group L.L.C-Branch of Abu Dhabi -5Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-448924002-24489257
ASTER PHARMACIES GROUP LLC - BRANCH OF ABU DHABI 7Al KhalidyiaAbu Dhabi02-639514002-6289623
Aster Pharmacies Group LLC -SHJ BR -Branch 1 (Al SweihatSharjah06-5465240 
Aster Pharmacies Group LLC -SHJ BR -Branch 2(Aster Group)SharjahSharjah06-5321063 
Aster Pharmacies Group LLC Branch 2Ras Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-236166407-2361375
Aster Pharmacies Group LLC- SHJ BR - Branch 3 (Aster Group)SharjahSharjah06-595011006-5950110
Aster Pharmacies Group LLC- SHJ BR - Branch 5 (Aster Group)SharjahSharjah06-553849606-5538496
Aster Pharmacy 1Oud MethaDubai04-386380004-3888610
Aster Pharmacy 100 DubaiDubai04-434392204-4343920
Aster Pharmacy 101 Al GussaisDubai04-238234204-2521269
Aster Pharmacy 102 DubaiDubai04-261083304-2611081
Aster Pharmacy 103 International CityDubai04-276580204-2765807
Aster Pharmacy 104 (Br of Aster Pharmacies Group LLC)AL WARQA'A FIRSTDubai04-282944004-2829440
Aster Pharmacy 105International CityDubai04-227597204-2775983
Aster Pharmacy 106AL Nahda Sharjah06-574966906-5748664
Aster Pharmacy 107King Faisal Road Sharjah06-573470406-5734740
Aster Pharmacy 108RollaSharjah06-561001206-5610018
Aster Pharmacy 109MIRDIFDubai04-458272704-4582514
Aster Pharmacy 110 Oud MethaDubai04-396315804-3963833
Aster Pharmacy 111 DubaiDubai04-259319504-2593194
Aster Pharmacy 112 Bur DubaiDubai04-325292004-3252919
Aster Pharmacy 113 MirdiffDubai04-283954204-2839981
Aster Pharmacy 114 Al BarshaDubai04-385145504-3851450
Aster Pharmacy 115 Discovery GardensDubai04-267294604-2672948
Aster Pharmacy 116 DubaiDubai04-288419004-2884191
Aster Pharmacy 117 Bur DubaiDubai04-325288204-3252927
Aster Pharmacy 118 Al GussaisDubai04-239339704-2382245
Aster Pharmacy 119 MeadowsDubai04-267294604-2672948
Aster Pharmacy 120 Al WarqaaDubai04-280399504-2803997
Aster Pharmacy 121AL Nahda Sharjah06-554450406-5305393
Aster Pharmacy 122AbushagaraSharjah06-557099606-5573488
Aster Pharmacy 123 Deira DubaiDubai04-273128204-2731363
Aster Pharmacy 124 Marina DubaiDubai04-554628204-5545971
Aster Pharmacy 125SharjahSharjah06-530301606-5300967
Aster Pharmacy 126JUMEIRA FIRSTDubai04-395221304-3952214
Aster Pharmacy 127Marina DubaiDubai04-554709604-5547109
Aster Pharmacy 130DubaiDubai04-386676804-3858036
Aster Pharmacy 131(Br of Aster Pharmacies Group LLC)DubaiDubai04-347573304-3475674
Aster Pharmacy 132 Abu HailDubai04-269283504-2692854
Aster Pharmacy 133SharjahSharjah06-561932206-5619319
Aster Pharmacy 134 Al BarshaDubai04-327148304-3472110
Aster Pharmacy 135 International CityDubai04-451167404-4279679
Aster Pharmacy 136 Bur DubaiDubai04-380853904-3215803
Aster Pharmacy 137 DubaiDubai04-422451504-4224196
Aster Pharmacy 138Bur DubaiDubai04-337732904 3352096
Aster Pharmacy 139AjmanAjman09-237130109-2371315
Aster Pharmacy 140SharjahSharjah06-544500106-5445002
Aster Pharmacy 141 DubaiDubai04-236541804-2839481
Aster Pharmacy 142 DubaiDubai04-220596604-2205966
Aster Pharmacy 143( AsterGroup )DubaiDubai04-443047404-4430562
Aster Pharmacy 144 Hor Al AnzDubai04-221225004-2354481
Aster Pharmacy 145 DubaiDubai04-354774504-3705812
Aster Pharmacy 146 DubaiDubai04-327105904-3273052
Aster Pharmacy 147 Bur DubaiDubai04-325402604-3254151
Aster Pharmacy 148DubaiDubai04-340400504-3404192
Aster Pharmacy 149 Bur DubaiDubai04-396946904-3972237
Aster Pharmacy 150 (Aster Group )Bur DubaiDubai04-301961504-3019615
Aster Pharmacy 151Al taawun SquareSharjah06-545310906-5480834
Aster Pharmacy 152(Br of Aster Pharmacies Group LLC)Jebel AliDubai04-880910204-8809483
Aster Pharmacy 153AL Nahda Sharjah06 522093806 5220938
Aster Pharmacy 154 (Br of Aster Pharmacies Group LLC)Al RumailaAjman06-731484006-7310589
Aster Pharmacy 155 (Aster Pharmacies Group LLC)DubaiDubai04-228020404-2280204
Aster Pharmacy 156 (Br of Aster Pharmacies Group LLC)DubaiDubai04-587719104-3019615
Aster Pharmacy 157 (Aster Group)DubaiDubai04-386782004-3866870
Aster Pharmacy 157 (BR OF ASTER PHARMACIES GROUP L.L.C)DubaiDubai04-5475037 
Aster Pharmacy 158(Br of Aster Pharmacies Group LLC)BUISNESS BAYDubai04-880028204-8841881
Aster Pharmacy 159 Br of Aster Pharmacies Group LLCAL RASHIDIYADubai06-7453226/06-74532106-7402045
Aster Pharmacy 160 (Br of Aster Pharmacies Group LLC)Jebel AliDubai04-884717604-3019615
Aster Pharmacy 163 Br of Aster Pharmacies Group LLC (Aster Group)AjmanAjman06-546182206-5461823
Aster Pharmacy 164 (Br of Aster Pharmacies Group LLC) Aster GroupDubaiDubai04-320894104-3263688
Aster Pharmacy 165DubaiDubai04-7187190 
Aster Pharmacy 2DubaiDubai04-885804404-8858058
Aster Pharmacy 200 DubaiDubai04-236283904-2512071
Aster Pharmacy 201 (Aster Group )DubaiDubai04-320948104-3209695
Aster Pharmacy 202 DubaiDubai04-254047404-2540943
Aster Pharmacy 203SharjahSharjah06-539695506-5396526
Aster Pharmacy 204(Br of Aster Pharmacies Group LLC)AL QUSAIS FIRSTDubai04-220388904-2203889
Aster Pharmacy 205 (Aster Group )DubaiDubai04-422152104-4221685
Aster Pharmacy 206 (Br of Aster Pharmacies Group LLC)Sheik Zaayed RoadDubai04-5475036 
Aster Pharmacy 3DubaiDubai04-443725004-4436957
Aster Pharmacy 5 International CityDubai04-447316904-4471269
Aster Pharmacy 6 DubaiDubai04-326260004-3262616
Aster Pharmacy 8Al Faseel AreaFujairah09-223070109-2230706
Aster Pharmacy 98DubaiDubai04 252171104 2521811
Aster Pharmacy AjmanAjmanAjman06-749636306-7496362
Aster Pharmacy FujairahHamad bin AbdullaFujairah09-223832209-2238323
Aster Pharmacy LLC Farmacia Home Health CareAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-552939502-5529397
Aster Pharmacy SharjahKing Faisal Road Sharjah06-525366306-5245423
Aster Pharmacy Tecom DubaiDubai04-453484004-4534841
Avenue Pharmacy LLC DubaiDubai04 435745004 4357451
AXON Medica Pharma L.L.C (BRANCH)NADD HESSADubai04 285988004 2851385
AXON Medica Poly Clinic (BR OF AXON Medica Investment Management L.L.C)NADD HESSADubai04 285988004 2851385
Axon Medica Polyclinic Al RashidiyaDubaiDubai+971 4 285 988004-2851385
Axon PharmaDubaiDubai04-286850104-2868502
Bab Al Noor Pharmacy L.L.CDubaiDubai043444293 
Bab Al Qasr PharmacyDeira DubaiDubai04-295580904-2955809
Bader PharmacyAL KARAMADubai04-334812904-3346837
BADR AL SAMAA MEDICAL CENTRE CO.Bur DubaiDubai04 357868104 3578682
Badr Al Samaa PharmacyBur DubaiDubai04 357868104 3578682
Bait Al Dawaa Pharmacy SharjahSharjahSharjah06-577251106-5773119
Bait Al Manama Pharmacy Abu HailDubai04-265181004/2652435
Bait Al Maqdes Al JadeedahAbushagaraSharjah06-548610006-5486200
Bait Al Maqdes Pharmacy -SharjahAl taawun SquareSharjah06-553436306-5534350
Bait Al Maqdes Pharmacy- DubaiHor Al AnzDubai04-266721104-2663858
Bait Al Shifa PharmacyDubaiDubai042666464042651376
Balsam Al DiyafahAl GarhoudDubai04 282728804-3488507
Balsam Al Garhoud Al GarhoudDubai04-282728804-2827288
Balsam Al Hadeetha JumeirahDubai04-348850704-3488507
Balsam Al Jadeeda JumeirahDubai04-349166904-3491669
Ban Dental Clinic L.L.CAjmanAjman0501411904 
Baniyas Life Pharmacy LLCDeira DubaiDubai04 255017304-4566737
Barsha rose garden PharmacyAl BarshaDubai04-379299004 - 3792990
Basmat Al Ifrah Pharmacy LLCAl BarshaDubai04-297404004-2974343
Bawabat Al Enwan Pharmacy LLCKhorfakkanSharjah09-237080809-2383884
Bawabt Al Dawaa PharmacySharjahSharjah06-554613706-5546173
Bawadi Al Ain Pharmacyal ainAl Ain(03) 784 0410(03) 784 0420
Bay Square PharmacyDubaiDubai04 - 551534404 - 5515404
Beach Road Medicina Pharmacy (Medicina Pharmacy Group)DubaiDubai042239282026261608
Belhoul European HospitalAL SATWADubai04-345400004-3457052
Belhoul European Hospital PharmacyDubaiDubai00971-4-345400000971-4-3457052
Belhoul Speciality HospitalDeira DubaiDubai04-273333304-2733332
Belhoul Speciality Hospital PharmacyBarahaDubai04-214024504-2726226
Berlin Medical CentreBuhairahSharjah06-883331106-8833234
Best Health Care Pharmacy L.L.CMusaffahAbu Dhabi02-575533302-5755332
Best Health Medical Center L.L.CMUHAISANAH FOURTHDubai04-2500818 
Beta Pharmacy MirdiffDubai04-284067804-2840679
Better Life PharmacyHamad bin AbdullaFujairah09-2227299 
Better Life Pharmacy -DubaiAl QuozDubai04-341462604-3414625
Bhatia Medical centreAL Roula St. opposite rotana hotelSharjah065753888065753838
Bilal Pharmacy LLCIndustrial area Sharjah06-5328558/422406-5328448
Bin Khaldoon PharmacyBehind Mega MallSharjah06-575242306-5752827
Bin Seray PharmacyBur DubaiDubai04-335544604-3356446
Bin Sina 21 Pharmacy,Dubai Festival CityDubaiDubai04 232975704 2329726
Bin Sina 25 Pharmacy,Jumeira Beach RoadJumeirahDubai04 394093404 3941610
Bin Sina 29 Pharmacy,Dubai MallDubaiDubai04 339891804 3398182
Bin Sina 30 Pharmacy,Nadd Al HamarDubaiDubai04 284506604 2845130
Bin Sina 31 Pharmacy,Al MizharDubaiDubai04 284587504 2845873
Bin Sina 33 Pharmacy,Carrefour Deira City CenterDeira DubaiDubai04-2943179 
Bin Sina 34 Pharmacy,Al WarqaDubaiDubai04-280434004-2804339
Bin Sina 37 Al Qemmah Tower PharmacyAbushagaraSharjah06-536582506-5366987
Bin Sina 38 Pharmacy,Mirdiff City CentrerMirdiffDubai04-284305704-2843570
Bin Sina 40 Pharmacy Dubai MallDubaiDubai04-325341004-3253329
Bin Sina 43 PharmacyAl BarshaDubai04-395030504-3990355
Bin Sina 44 PharmacyJumeirahDubai04-351324904-3517543
Bin Sina 54 Pharmacy, Dubai Investment ParkBur DubaiDubai04-352307304-3523036
Bin Sina Abu Dhabi International Airport Duty FreeAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-575-731602-575-7924
Bin Sina Al Khalidiya PharmacyAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-6395246 
Bin Sina Central Pharmacy,Spinney's King FaisalKing Faisal Road Sharjah06-574-844806-574-2096
Bin Sina Central Pharmacy,Spinney's RamadaDeira DubaiDubai04-355-690904-355-9009
Bin Sina Dana Plaza Pharmacy,KhalideyyaAl KhalidyiaAbu Dhabi02-666-924002-6678768
Bin Sina Grand Pharmacy,BuhairaBuhairahSharjah06-556-766206-556-9007
Bin Sina Grand Pharmacy,Rigga RoadAL RIGGADubai04-224-765004-222-7863
Bin Sina Pharmacy Marina MallAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-681563002-6815640
Bin Sina Pharmacy, Al BateenMarinaAbu Dhabi02-491643502-4916438
Bin Sina Pharmacy,Mall of the EmiratesJebel AliDubai04-341-034504-341-0346
Bin Sina Pharmacy,Mirdiff City Centre CarrefourMirdiffDubai04-284008204-2840082
Bin Sina Pharmacy,Muroor Street,Abu DhabiMuroorAbu Dhabi02-449814002-4498399
Bin Sina Pharmacy,Nasser SquareDeira DubaiDubai04-222-107104-227-6124
Bin Sina Pharmacy,Sharjah CornicheBuhairahSharjah06-572-688506-572-1348
Bin Sina Scientific Pharmacy,Bur SaeedDeira DubaiDubai04-295-882004-295-8821
Binsina 32 Battuta MallDubaiDubai04-423389504-4233896
BinSina 41 V.A. Complex Jumeirah RdJumeirahDubai04-385627304-3854841
Binsina 45 PharmacyDubaiDubai04-883150504-8831512
Binsina 47 PharmacyMarina DubaiDubai04-277612804-2776128
Binsina 50 Pharmacy MuraqabatDubaiDubai04-250049604-2500496
Binsina 51 Pharmacy Discovery ParkDiscovery GardensDubai04-551617504-5516195
Binsina 52 Pharmacy Jumiera ParkJumeirahDubai04-426473804-4264738
Biohealth Diagnostic Center - Right Health Investment LLCDubaiDubai04-3885828 
Biotech Medical Lab AJ for Medical Analysis LLCRASHIDIA-3Ajman06-8846995 
Bissan Medical CenterBuhairahSharjah06-573700506-5733536
Blue Bell International Pharmacy L.L.CDubaiDubai04-323136604-43547535
Blue Bell Medical CentreDubaiDubai04-34265650 4-3547535
Boorj Al Rolla Pharmacy LLCRollaSharjah06-521719006-5219314
Bright Life Medical Center L.L.CDUBAI INVESTMENT PARK SECONDDubai04 883300004 8833000
Bright Point Pharmacy LLCAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02 555882502 5558875
Brite Medicare Medical Center L.L.CAL NAHDA SECONDDubai  
Burj Al Nahda Pharmacy(Medex Pharmacy Group)AL Nahda Sharjah06-559007606-5561133
BURJEEL AL REEM PHARMACY LLCAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-307-9998 
Burjeel Al Shamkha Pharmacy LLC (VPS Healthcare Group)Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-205130202-6659755
Burjeel Day Surgery Center – Al ReemAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-307-9998 
Burjeel Farha Hospital L.L.C.al ainAl Ain03-7099 00003-7099 222
Burjeel Medical Center Al Shamkha LLC (VPS Healthcare Group)Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-508551102-5085790
Burjeel Medical Centre Barari LLC (VPS Healthcare Group)al ainAl Ain03-799155503-7991556
BURJEEL OASIS MEDICAL CENTRE L.L.CAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-894666602-8847128
Burjeel pharmacy LLC branch 2 (formally Medicine Shoppe Mazyad Mall Pharmacy LLC (Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies - VPS Group) )MusaffahAbu Dhabi02-553484802-6413607
Burjeel pharmacy LLC branch 3 (formally Medicine Shoppe Khalifa A Pharmacy LLC (Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies - VPS Group) )KhalifaAbu Dhabi02-556793302-6413607
Burjeel pharmacy LLC branch 4(Formally Medicine Shoppe Mushrif Mall Pharmacy LLC (Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies - VPS Group))Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-447040702-6413607
Burjeel pharmacy LLC branch 5 (Formally Medicine Shoppe Al Murur Pharmacy LLC (Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies - VPS Group) )Muror RoadAbu Dhabi02-643833002-6413607
Burjeel pharmacy LLC branch 7 (Formally Medicine Shoppe Al Wahda Mall Pharmacy LLC (Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies - VPS Group) )Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-443778802-6413607
Burjeel pharmacy LLC branch 8 ( Formally Medicine Shoppe Madeena Zayed Pharmacy LLC (Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies - VPS Group))ElectraAbu Dhabi02-658891802-6413607
Burjeel Pharmacy LLC-Branch 1Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-2051433 
Burjeel Pharmacy LLC-Branch 10Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-2051433 
Burjeel Pharmacy LLC-Branch 11Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-2051433 
Burjeel pharmacy-Barari mall (VPS Healthcare Group)al ainAl Ain03-799153303-7668604
Burjeel Royal Hospital L.L.Cal ainAl Ain03-7991111 
BURJEEL ROYAL PHARMACY L.L.C.al ainAl Ain03-7991111 
Burjeel Speciality Hospital LLC - Sharjah (VPS Healthgroup)SharjahSharjah065075773 
Burjeel Speciality Hospital Pharmacy - Sharjah -(VPS Healthcare Group)SharjahSharjah065075773 
Burjuman PharmacyBur DubaiDubai04-351882504-3518934
Burjuman Pharmacy LLC (Life Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
C C S Life Pharmacy BR of Life Pharmacy ( Life Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04-561000004-4566737
Canadian Specialist HospitalDeira DubaiDubai04-707222204-7072880
Canadian Specialist Hospital PharmacyDeira DubaiDubai04-707222204-7072880
Care & Cure PharmacyJebel AliDubai04-439038404-4390382
Care And Cure Medical Center LLCAL QOUZ THIRDDubai04-3399162 
Care medical CenterSharjahSharjah  
Care One Poly ClinicDUBAI INVESTMENT PARK FIRSTDubai04-883665604-8836625
Care Plus Medical CenterDubaiDubai04-882933304-8829444
Care Well Pharmacy LLCAl QuozDubai04-341900804-3419667
Cedars Jebel Ali International Hospital PharmacyJebel AliDubai04-881466204-8814661
Central Market Pharmacy Al GussaisDubai04-261345104-2639506
Central Pharmacy -Al Ainal ainAl Ain(03) 722 7515(03) 722 7515
Central Pharmacy -Ras Al KhaimahAl FaisalRas Al Khaimah07-233434507-2334345
Central Private Hospital SharjahBuhairahSharjah06-563990006-5632900
Central Private Hospital PharmacySharjahSharjah06-5639900 
Central United Pharmacy(Br of United Pharmacy Investment LLC)DubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
City Land Life Pharmacy Br of Life Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
City Life PharmacyDubaiDubai04 341007204 3479863
CITY LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH SHARJAHSharjahSharjah04 561000004-4566737
City PharmacyAL RIGGADubai04-224056604-2227189
City Pharmacy Fujairah LLCFujairahFujairah09-222598809-2225988
City Relief Pharmacy L.L.CNaifDubai  
City Sun Pharmacy Al QuozDubai04-340037304-3406373
Class Medical Center -Right Health InvestmentSharjahSharjah06 565 2332 
Clinica Medical Center LLCAjmanAjman06 5619607 
Clinicare -DeiraDubaiDubai04-261717504-2286879
Clinicare Samari -Ras Al KhorDubaiDubai04-332268204-2288329
Co Operative PharmacyDeira DubaiDubai04-226928304-2252319
Cooperative Al Ain Pharmacyal ainAl Ain(03) 767 5073 
Cosmo Health Medical Centre L.L.CSharjahSharjah06-5669910 
Cosmopolitan Medical Center LLC Branch -DeiraAl MamzarDubai04-268727204-2564575
Cosmopolitan Medical Center-Bur DubaiBur DubaiDubai04-325745704-3532021
Country pharmacy Co (L.L.C.)DubaiDubai04- 353668904-3539698
Cristal PharmacySharjahSharjah06-577310006-5773101
Dajla PharmacyNuamiyaAjman06-746670406-7466832
Dallas Medical CenterWaset St.Sharjah06-562777806-5627775
Damas Medical CenterSharjahSharjah06-556641106-5566804
Dania PharmacyAL KARAMADubai04-397355404-3973565
Dar Al Dawaa Pharmacy L.L.C - SharjahSharjahSharjah65449544 
Dar Al Hikmah Pharmacy LLC, SharjahSharjahSharjah06-556735806-5567359
Dar Al Kawsar Pharmacy LLCSharjahSharjah0552090109 
Dar Al Majaz Opticals LLCMoweilehSharjah06-5770590 
Dar Al Neem Pharmacy LLC (Al Neem group)Al RifaSharjah065449544 
Dar Al Noor PharmacyDeira DubaiDubai04-232208006-5561133
Dar Al Shifa Medical CentreAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-645610002-6458338
Deepa ClinicRollaSharjah065686424065686117
Deira Life Pharmacy LLCDeira DubaiDubai04-238011604-2381995
Deira Pharmacy LLCRollaSharjah06-5631359 
Delmon PharmacyRollaSharjah06-550433106-5504341
Delta Al Dhaid PharmacyDhaidSharjah06-882863606-8828637
Delta Al Mamzar PharmacySharjahSharjah06-577170306-5771706
Delta Modern PharmacySharjahSharjah06-555449006-5554491
Delta PharmacySharjahSharjah06-538277006-5382710
Diamond 3 PharmacyMarina DubaiDubai04-453721704-4537216
Digital PolyclinicBur DubaiDubai04-335501104-3355010
Docib Clinic LLC ( Formally Al Muhaisnah Polyclinic)Al GussaisDubai04-254412304-2544124
Docib Pharmacy L.L.COud MethaDubai04-396227004-3966417
Doctors ClinicDeira DubaiDubai04-224668804-2247181
Doctors Medical Centre SharjahBuhairahSharjah06-563210006-5632700
Doha PharmacyBur DubaiDubai04-343060304-3430604
DR KOYA CLINIC )BR OF D M HEALTHCARE )L L C((Deira DubaiDubai04-222585404-2239933
DR SAI GANESH MEDICAL CENTRE L.L.CDeira DubaiDubai0503066315 
Dr. Amal Al Qedrah Specialized ClinicWaset St.Sharjah06-523888306-5238884
Dr. Anmar Dental CenterUmm Al QuwainUmm Al Quwain06-5452542 
Dr. Asish Dental CentreKing Faisal RoadUmm Al Quwain06-764199306-7641994
Dr. Asish Medical CenterAjmanAjman06-7435070 
Dr. Fadi Alshafie Dental & Orthodontic Center L.L.CFujairahFujairah09-2223036 
Dr. Ismail Day Surgery Centre (Non Government)DubaiDubai04-3378585 
Dr. Ismail Medical Center, Al Qouz Al QuozDubai04-338155004-3383119
Dr. Ismail Medical Centre Branch, Muhaisnah Sonapur DubaiDubai04-264652904-2646528
Dr. Ismail new Polyclinic Branch, Discovery Gardens Jebel AliDubai04-449408704-4494088
Dr. Ismail Polyclinic, KaramaAL KARAMADubai04-3378585;04337680804-3349019
Dr. John ClinicDubaiDubai04-261717604-2617647
Dr. Joseph's Polyclinic KaramaAL KARAMADubai04-337882804-3358426
Dr. Moopen’s Al Qouz Medical CentreAl QuozDubai04-338787104-3387872
Dr. Mouen Junblat Dental CenterSharjahSharjah06-553823806-5531831
Dr. Reena Beegum ClinicDeira DubaiDubai04-224006004-2240068
Dr. Sabaa Medical CenterRollaSharjah06-553009206-5535592
Dr. Sai Ganesh Pillai Medical CentreRollaSharjah0544462109 
Dr. SG Poly ClinicAL KARAMADubai0502170019 
Dr. Sunny Medical Centre ShahbaWaset St.Sharjah06-538896606-5388967
Dr. Sunny Medical Centre LLC UAQKing Faisal RoadUmm Al Quwain06 – 766693306 - 7666125
Dr. Zainab Salim AlAzzawi ClinicSharjahSharjah06/556556806/5560222
Dr.Josephy Polyclinic LLC Community (Outpatient) Pharmacy -Planet Pharmacy GroupDubaiDubai04-3541663/04-35416604-3305028
Dragon Mart Pharmacy DubaiDubai04-368745004-3687451
Dragon Pharmacy DubaiDubai04-368740904-3687408
Dream PharmacyMarina DubaiDubai04-422784404-4227843
Duaa PharmacyDhaidSharjah06-882252506-8822385
Dubai Life PharmacyBur DubaiDubai04-329116204-3290959
Durraiya Kamal Medical ClinicDeira DubaiDubai04-223861204-2247181
Elaj Medical Centre LLC AjmanAjmanAjman06-741888006-7418804
Elite Modern Pharmacy Abu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02 449420902 4494219
Emirates Cardiology Clinic.L.L.CAl FaisalRas Al Khaimah07-222264907-2222659
Emirates European Hospital PharmacySharjahSharjah06-5619444 
Emirates International Medical Centre LLCSharjahSharjah06-5552511 
Emirates Oasis Healthcare Pharmacy - Sana Group (Formally under Emirates Oasis Healthcare Pharmacy Group)Sheik Zaayed RoadDubai04-268404104-2684042
Emirates Pharmacy, AjmanAjmanAjman06 – 747490006 – 7474877
Emirates Pharmacy- Al Ainal ainAl Ain03-764474403-7667930
Emirates Star Medical CentreAl QuozDubai04-339727504-3397276
Enfield Royal Clinic L.L.CJumeirahDubai04-3330708 
Eve Medical CenterAjmanAjman06-749804206-7498046
Ewan Medical CenterSharjahSharjah06-577416606-5774140
Experts PharmacyAl NasereyaSharjah06-565463506-5655935
Experts Pharmacy DubaiAl QuozDubai04-330780804-3285025
Express Ghayathi PharmacyGhayathiAbu Dhabi02-874012102-8740121
Extra Life PharmacyDubaiDubai050-708113304-3410009
Faith CAP 1 Pharmacy LLCAL MIZHAR FIRSTDubai  
Faith Jabal Pharmacy L.L.CDubaiDubai04-2641808 
Faith PharmacyNaifDubai04-272427904-2729809
Faith Way Pharmacy L.L.CJumeirahDubai04-379895304-3798954
Faithway Pharmacy L.L.CAL MUTEENADubai04-332782704-3798954
Fajer Al Warqa PharmacyDubaiDubai04-280183004-2801831
Fajer Mirdif Pharmacy L.L.CDeira DubaiDubai04-343763606-5561133
Fajer Mirdif Pharmacy L.L.C BranchAL HUDAIBADubai04-298152606-5455967
Fajr Al Madina Pharmacy L.L.CAl QuozDubai04-3410401 
Fajr Al Madina Pharmacy L.L.C-BranchJebel AliDubai0544550013 
Falcon Pharmacy LLCAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-874 316402-874 0166
Family ClinicDeira DubaiDubai04 345114504 3455996
Family Dental Center LLCBuhairahSharjah05-55777126 
Family Medical ClinicNew IndustrialAjman06-743480006 - 7484970
Family PharmacyDibbaFujairah09-2227490/205440009-2227491
Fammed Medical Center L.L.CRASHIDIA-3Ajman06-7422127 
Famous Pharmacy L.L.CMusaffahAbu Dhabi02-552191202-5538040
FATIMA AL ZAHRA PHARMACY LLC (Novo Healthcare Group)SharjahSharjah06 563614506-5630045
Fawagee PharmacyDeira DubaiDubai04-289411104-2894233
Fawagee Scientific PharmacyDeira DubaiDubai04-288180004-2883254
Festival Life Pharmacy Br of Life Pharmacy LLCJABAL ALI FIRSTDubai04 561000004-4566737
First Care Pharmacy, AjmanNuamiyaAjman06-746983106-7469832
First Gulf Medical CenterNational PaintSharjah06-534757306-5347563
Four Season Pharmacy LLC Branch KaramaAL KARAMADubai04-334446004-3449155
Four Seasons Pharmacy LLC SatwaDubaiDubai04-344155104-3449155
Frontline Medical Center LLCAL KARAMADubai04-3979702 
Fujairah Port ClinicSeaportFujairah09-222867809-2228008
Fujairah Port PharmacyFujairahFujairah09-222800709-2228008
Future Pharmacy Branch - LLCMusaffahAbu Dhabi02-559511202-5599730
Galaxy Pharmacy LLCSheikh RashidAjman06-744188606-5561133
Galleria United Pharmacy(Br of United Pharmacy Investment LLC)DubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
Ganin Medical CenterBuhairahSharjah06-531555306-5315552
Garden Pharmacy LLCRollaSharjah06-521172706-5211728
Gate Better Life PharmacyDubaiDubai04-558628104-5586268
Ghazal Al Jabal PharmacyDubaiDubai04 254046004 2540480
Ghiyathi PharmacyGhayathiAbu Dhabi028741797028741797
Globehealth General Clinic L.L.C (Global Health)AL SATWADubai04-3464180 
GMC Pharmacy Deira DubaiDeira DubaiDubai04-262779904-2628432
Gold Life Pharmacy Br of Life Pharmacy LLC (Life Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04-341024304-4566737
Golden Life pharmacySheik Zaayed RoadDubai04-343007704-3433041
Golden Life Pharmacy Al Ainal ainAl Ain03-722167603-7221757
Golden Life Pharmacy,SharjahAl taawun SquareSharjah06-577550106-5775502
Golden Sands Pharmacy Bur DubaiDubai04-351144404-3514446
Golden Tulip Pharmacy LLCAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-555660802-5556609
Good Health PolyclinicAl GussaisDubai04-261200004-2611110
Good Neighbour Medical Clinic L.L.CAL SATWADubai04-250912204-2974343
Good Neighbour Pharmacy L.L.CAL SATWADubai04-250912204-2974343
Grand Al Kausar PharmacyBur DubaiDubai04-351140604-3511407
Grand Emirates PharmacyAjmanAjman06-711444406-7422888
Grand Hamad PharmacyAL Nahda Sharjah06-523805406 5442423
Grand Infinity Medical Center L.L.CMUHAISANAH FOURTHDubai04 251545804 2515735
Grand Infinity Medical Center L.L.C (Branch)Jebel AliDubai04-262179104-2515735
Grand Infinity Pharmacy L.L.CMUHAISANAH FOURTHDubai04 251545804 2515735
Grand Infinity Pharmacy L.L.C (Branch)Jebel AliDubai04-262179104 2515735
Grand Life PharmacyDeira DubaiDubai04-272649604-2726497
Grand Murait Pharmacy LLC DubaiDubai04-263998604-2612584
Grand PharmacyAjmanAjman06-744484006-7444850
Grand Royal PharmacyDubaiDubai04-359344504-3593446
Grand United Pharmacy(Br of United Pharmacy Investment)DubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
Gulf Medical Centre, DeiraDubaiDubai04-262600004-2628432
Gulf PharmacyJumeirahDubai04-283800604-2391894
Hadeqat Al Rola Pharmacy LLCRollaSharjah06-574828306-5561133
Hafsa PharmacyJebel AliDubai04-437754804-4377549
Hakeem Pharmacy FZEDubai Silicon OasisDubai050902361004-2591709
Hala Dental Clinic L.L.CAjmanAjman06-7409000 
HALA MEDICAL CENTERAl IttihadAjman06-7409000 
Hala Pharamcy LLC -Branch 44SharjahSharjah04-561000004-4566737
Hala Pharamcy LLC Branch 33BuhairahSharjah04-561000004-4566737
Hala Pharmacy 13DubaiDubai04-430756204 - 4310076
Hala Pharmacy 14DubaiDubai04-430546004-4605648
Hala Pharmacy 15DubaiDubai04-2766318 
Hala Pharmacy 16DubaiDubai04-430694704-4307081
Hala Pharmacy 19 LLCInternational CityDubai04-430732304-4566737
Hala Pharmacy 21Ras Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07 236 972907 2276443
Hala Pharmacy 25 (Life Healthcare Group)Ras Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah04-561000004-4566737
Hala Pharmacy 34 LLCAl NakheelRas Al Khaimah04-561000004-4566737
Hala Pharmacy 36 LLCAl KharranRas Al Khaimah04 561000004-4566737
HALA PHARMACY BR 45SharjahSharjah04 561000004-4566737
HALA PHARMACY BR 54AjmanAjman04 561000004-4566737
HALA PHARMACY BR 55SharjahSharjah04 561000004-4566737
Hala Pharmacy Branch 1SharjahSharjah06-548589806 - 5485950
Hala Pharmacy Branch 10SharjahSharjah06-523983306 - 5239914
Hala Pharmacy Branch 11SharjahSharjah06-5454123 
Hala Pharmacy Branch 12SharjahSharjah06-5519931 
Hala Pharmacy branch 18SharjahSharjah06 - 556171806 556 1719
Hala Pharmacy branch 19SharjahSharjah06 556 064006 556 0670
Hala Pharmacy Branch 2SharjahSharjah06-5759287 
Hala Pharmacy Branch 26Al NasereyaSharjah06-522036704-4566737
Hala Pharmacy Branch 3SharjahSharjah06-550134006 - 5501373
Hala Pharmacy Branch 4SharjahSharjah06-562712806 - 5627134
Hala Pharmacy Branch 49AjmanAjman04 561000004-4566737
Hala Pharmacy Branch 5SharjahSharjah06-521835306 - 5218352
Hala Pharmacy Branch 6SharjahSharjah06-537276106 - 5372768
Hala Pharmacy Branch 7SharjahSharjah06-550612606 - 5506073
Hala Pharmacy Branch 8SharjahSharjah06-551602206 - 5515120
Hala Pharmacy Branch 9SharjahSharjah06-551986506 - 5519870
Hala Pharmacy Branch of Life Pharmacy LLCBUISNESS BAYDubai04 561000004-4566737
Hala Pharmacy LLC - Branch 20 ( Life Healthcare Group)SharjahSharjah06-522634804-4566737
Hala Pharmacy LLC - Branch 27 ( Life Healthcare Group)SharjahSharjah04-561000004-4566737
HALA PHARMACY LLC - BRANCH 28 (Life Healthcare Group)SharjahSharjah04 561000004-4566737
HALA PHARMACY LLC - BRANCH 38SharjahSharjah04 561000004-4566737
HALA PHARMACY LLC - BRANCH 50AjmanAjman04 561000004-4566737
HALA PHARMACY LLC BR 52SharjahSharjah04 561000004-4566737
Hala Pharmacy LLC Branch 35Al Tawoon StreetSharjah04-561000004-4566737
HALA PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 37SharjahSharjah04 561000004-4566737
HALA PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 40SharjahSharjah04 561000004-4566737
HALA PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 43SharjahSharjah04 561000004-4566737
HALA PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 47SharjahSharjah04 561000004-4566737
HALA PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 48SharjahSharjah04 561000004-4566737
Hala Pharmacy LLC Branch 51SharjahSharjah04 561000004-4566737
HALA PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 56SharjahSharjah04 561000004-4566737
Hala Pharmacy LLC-Branch 01AjmanAjman04 561000004-4566737
Hala Pharmacy LLC-Branch 42SharjahSharjah04-561000004-4566737
Hala Pharmacy SharjahSharjahSharjah06-551521306 - 7409740
Hamad Al Ihterafeya Pharamcy LLCMaislonSharjah06-5455966,6-501470006-5455967,6-5314720
Hamad Al Mumayazah Pharmacy LLCSharjahSharjah06-5455966,6-523805406-5455967,6-5219008
Hamad Al Oula Pharmacy LLCSharjahSharjah06-506160006-5455967,6-5221364
Hamad PharmacyWaset St.Sharjah06 – 558280006 – 5388299
Hamriya Life PharmacyDubaiDubai04 - 320512804 320 2449
Haneefa Medical CenterMoweilehSharjah06-5729880 
Haneefa Medical CenterMoweilehSharjah06-5729880 
Hannover Medical CenterSharjahSharjah06-5433226 
Happy Life Pharmacy LLCDeira DubaiDubai04-227178106-5561133
Harley International Medical Clinic BranchBur DubaiDubai04 3986677 / 398998804-3989011
Harley International Medical Clinic LLCDubaiDubai04-3986677/04-39899804-3989011/04-398901
Hatta PharmacyDubaiDubai04-852179404-8526061
Health First 19 PharmacyDibbaFujairah09 244437609 2441887
Health First 20 PharmacyDibbaFujairah09 244706409 2447364
Health First National Pharmacyal ainAl Ain03 766213103 7669569
Health first pharmacy 13Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-564636402-5646881
Health first pharmacy 15Al KhalidyiaAbu Dhabi02-585199202-5826466
Health First Pharmacy 1Bur DubaiDubai04 437753304 4377532
Health first pharmacy 11BUISNESS BAYDubai04-456010004-4308511
Health first pharmacy 12Al FalahAbu Dhabi02-674698902-6745579
Health First Pharmacy 12King Faisal RoadUmm Al Quwain06-764115606-7641157
Health First Pharmacy 14Al RamsRas Al Khaimah07 266229507 2662295
Health First Pharmacy 16Hamad bin AbdullaFujairah09 222929509 2227391
Health First Pharmacy 18Hamad bin AbdullaFujairah09 223154009 2231540
Health First Pharmacy 2Al Wehda St.Sharjah06 533612806 5336128
Health First Pharmacy 21 FujairahFujairahFujairah09-223451809-2234517
Health First Pharmacy 22Ras Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07 227484807 2274848
Health First Pharmacy 23DubaiDubai04 269361804 2693618
Health First Pharmacy 24DubaiDubai04-432915804-4329158
Health First Pharmacy 25Al BarshaDubai04-399211604-3992149
Health First Pharmacy 26 FujairahFujairahFujairah09-237398509-2373984
Health First Pharmacy 27DubaiDubai04-425302004-4252694
Health First Pharmacy 28, UAQKing Faisal RoadUmm Al Quwain06-765618006-7656180
Health First Pharmacy 3Marina DubaiDubai04 399902004 3992042
Health First Pharmacy 30AL KARAMADubai04-370903004-3975908
Health First Pharmacy 33AL KARAMADubai04-396306804-3963241
Health first pharmacy 34Bur DubaiDubai04-385279104-3852281
Health First Pharmacy 37DubaiDubai04-360602304-3603655
Health First Pharmacy 38Oud MethaDubai04-396069504-3963206
Health First Pharmacy 4 DubaiDubai04 458700404 4586520
Health First Pharmacy 4SharjahSharjah06 553422506 5534322
Health First Pharmacy 41MirdiffDubai04-288229604-2882733
Health First Pharmacy 45Al BarshaDubai04 396589104 3961224
Health First Pharmacy 48 (Planet Pharmacy Group)JUMEIRA FIRSTDubai04-343061604-3856571
Health First Pharmacy 5DubaiDubai04 362085804 3620856
Health First Pharmacy 50 Ras al khaimahRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-235801807-2359285
Health First Pharmacy 52 (Planet Pharmacy Group)DubaiDubai04-325305604-3519452
Health First Pharmacy 9JumeirahDubai052-8455736 
Health First Pharmacy Br 6 Sharjah (Planet Pharmacy Group)SharjahSharjah06-565041506-5659242
Health first pharmacy Branch 14 (Planet Pharmacy Group)al ainAl Ain03-767517603-7846110
Health first pharmacy Branch 18 (Planet Pharmacy Group)Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-564394802-5666018
Health First Pharmacy, Abu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02 621972002 6219780
Health First Pharmacy, Al Ainal ainAl Ain03-780428803-7804233
Health First Pharmacy, SharjahBuhairahSharjah06-564327506- 5643272
HEALTH MEDICAL CENTERRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-233404172260804
HEALTH POINT PHARMACY LLCAl BarshaDubai04 561000004-4566737
Health Sign Pharmacy LLCAL KARAMADubai04-330030106-5561133
Health Way Pharmacy L.L.CMoweilehSharjah06-5356600 
Healthcare PharmacyDhaidSharjah09-277239409-2778394
Healthcare Pharmacy LLCAjmanAjman067471711 
Healthhub Pharmacy (Br.Al Futtaim Healthcare Single Person Company LLC) (Healthhub - Al Futtaim Healthcare Group) - Next to Al Khail MallDubaiDubai04 - 2082127 
Healthhub Pharmacy (Br.Al Futtaim Healthcare Single Person Company LLC)International CityDubai04 3057655 
Healthhub Pharmacy Br Alfuttaim Healthcare Single Person Company LLC - Pharmacy Dubai Festival City (Br.Alfuttaim Healthcare Single Person Company LLC)DubaiDubai971 4 5967101 
Healthhub Pharmacy Br of Alfuttaim Healthcare Single Person Company LLCAL QUSAIS FIRSTDubai04-2040454 
Healthhub Pharmacy Br. Alfuttaim Healthcare Single Person Company LLCDubai Silicon OasisDubai04 3057333 
Hekmat Al Seef PharmacyAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi(02) 641 1225(02) 641 1115
Highway Pharmacy DubaiDubai04-337555204-3377335
Hind Pharmacy L.L.C.SharjahSharjah06-5370121 
HMS Pharmacies Dubai Design District - D3DubaiDubai04-243215804-2432157
Hope Care Pharmacy L.L.CHor Al AnzDubai04-226888104-2215246
Hope Care Polyclinic L.L.CHor Al AnzDubai04-226888104-2215246
Houston ClinicDubaiDubai04-385060304-3850604
HTK Medical Center L.L.C-DubaiDubaiDubai042957776042999901
HTK Pharmacy L.L.CDubaiDubai04 2957775604 2957777
Huda Alalousi Specialized Medical Center L.L.C-AjmanAl IttihadAjman067487776 
I Smile Dental CenterRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah72339944 
Ibin Sina Medical Centre,AjmanAjmanAjman06-745775506-7471217
Ibn Al Azwar Pharmacy Al AweerDubai04-333150404-3331504
Ibn Al Nafees Pharmacy LLCSharjahSharjah06-5549797 
Ibn Batuta Pharmacy LLCBuhairahSharjah06-5561354406-5564545
Ibn Sina 42 PharmacyDubaiDubai04-280163804-2801639
Ibn Sina 48 PharmacyAl BarshaDubai04-399584604-3995631
Ibrahim Abbara Dermatology & Venereology ClinicDeira DubaiDubai04-398885304-3988872
Ibtesam Medical CenterAjmanAjman06-7312929 
Ideal Medical CenterSharjahSharjah06-562388406-5616663
insurance@life-me.comBUISNESS BAYDubai04-561000004-4566737
insurance@life-me.com;ashraf@life-me.comAl Tawoon StreetSharjah04 561000004-4566737
International Modern HospitalDubaiDubai04-398888804-3981312
International Modern Hospital PharmacyBur DubaiDubai04-406300004-3981312
International Specialist Medical Center AjmanNaemiyaAjman06-746340006-7466300
Iqra Pharmacy NaifDubai04-228916404-2289165
Iranian HospitalDubaiDubai04-404645704-3440322
Ishaq Bin Omran Medical Center LLCSharjahSharjah06-518080006-5265749
Ishaq Bin Omran Pharmacy L.L.CAl Qassimia Sharjah06-518087506-5180875
Jabal Al Noor PharmacyUmm Al QuwainUmm Al Quwain06-766730406-7667305
Jabal Ali Gardens Pharmacy DubaiDubai04-882080804-8823113
Jabal Sina Medical Centre LLCSheikh RashidAjman06-7402255 
Jabal Sina Pharmacy L.L.CSheikh RashidAjman06-7402255 
Jadaf Life Pharmacy(Life Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
Jamal Al Basmah Pharmacy LLCAl Qassimia Sharjah06 526111306 5420272
Jansons Medical CentreBur DubaiDubai04-393901104-3939211
Jansons PharmacyBur DubaiDubai04-3514118,04393901104-3514119,043939211
Jansons Stars PolyclinicBur DubaiDubai04-393328004-3932009
JBR Bahar PharmacyDubaiDubai04-365992004-3659921
Jbr Life Pharamcy 2 Br of Life Pharmacy LLCJumeirahDubai04-561000004-4566737
JBR Life PharmacyDeira DubaiDubai04-428143204-4281431
JBR Murjan PharmacyDubaiDubai04-451720204-3612474
JBR Sedaf PharmacyDubaiDubai04-365992504-3659926
JBR Shams PharmacyDubaiDubai04-425359204-4478439
Jebal Ali Advanced Care Pharmacy LLCJABAL ALI INDUSTRIAL SECONDDubai04-5693777 
Jeddah PharmacyDhaidSharjah06-883299306-8832993
Joseph Qusais PolyclinicAl GussaisDubai04-263676704-2636272
Judy PharmacyAl KhalidyiaAbu Dhabi02 666879802 6668798
Julfar PharmacyRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-223593707-2235938
Jumeirah Better Life PharmacyDubaiDubai04-447208604-4472087
Junaid Pharmacy LLCLiwaAbu Dhabi02-882284402-8822845
Jupiter Al Nahda PolyclinicAl NahdaDubai04-234442904-2344419
Jupiter Al Qusais Polyclinic LLCAl GussaisDubai04-263098704-2630997
Jupiter Specialty Medical CenterAL KARAMADubai04 - 386633004 - 3866331
JVC Life PharmacyDubaiDubai04 557884104 -5578843
JVT Life PharmacyDubaiDubai04 - 551191404 - 5511954
Karama Life Pharmacy L L CAL KARAMADubai04-345087504-4566737
Karama Medical Centre -DIPDubaiDubai04-884836804-8848280
Karama Medical Centre -Jumeirah villageJumeirahDubai04-422986704-4229871
Karama Medical Centre -KaramaAL KARAMADubai04-336688904-3365903
Karama Medical Centre -MuhaisnahDubaiDubai04-2430341 
Karama Medical Centre Al QuozAl QuozDubai04-341364504-3365903
Karama Medical Centre Al Quoz MallAl QuozDubai04-338822704-3365903
Karama Medical Centre Br. Al Khail Gate (KMC Group)DubaiDubai04-453353404-4533075
Karama Medical Centre Br. Burjuman - Right Health Investment LLCDubaiDubai563916530 
Karama One Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai04-379663204-3796674
Kedar Dental CentreSharjahSharjah06-554400106-5544002
Khalidha Medical Centre L.L.CAl QuozDubai04-338194704-3381957
Khalidha Pharmacy L.L.CAl QuozDubai04-395288504-3952289
KIMS Medical Centre LLCDeira DubaiDubai04 - 262450004 - 2622300
KIMS Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai04 220943404 2209507
LA Riviera Life Pharmacy (Life Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
Lahabab PharmacyDubaiDubai04-832540004-8325401
Lamasat Medical CenterSharjahSharjah065591619067423760
Lamia PharmacySharjahSharjah06-5680781 
Lana Pharmacy L.L.C - SharjahSharjahSharjah65437770 
Liberty Medical Centre, SharjahSharjahSharjah06 559937906 5533411
Life Abuhail PharmacyDubaiDubai04 334555304 2886860
Life Aid Pharmacy JLT/DMCCDubaiDubai04-5146788 
Life Al badaa PharmacyDubaiDubai04-359683704-3526949
Life Al Barsha Fourth 2 BR of Life Pharmacy LLC (Life Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04-561000004-4566737
Life Al Barsha PharmacyMirdiffDubai04-347345104-3473481
Life Al Barsha South Fourth Pharmacy LLCAL BARSHA SOUTH FOURTHDubai04-241741804-4566737
Life Al Hamriya Pharmacy LLCBur DubaiDubai04-357114804-4566737
Life Al Karama PharmacyAL KARAMADubai04-396977404-3972758
Life Al Mizhar First PharmacyAL MIZHAR FIRSTDubai04-236004604-4566737
Life Al Nahda PharmacyDubaiDubai04-263691904 - 2637949
Life Al Qusais PharmacyDubaiDubai04 - 263331804 - 2633435
Life Al Riqqa PharmacyDubaiDubai04-224836204-224-8369
Life Al Riqqa2 Br of life pharmacy LLC(Life Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Al Shab PharmacyDubaiDubai04 - 3205629 
Life Al Warqa 2 Br of Life Pharmacy LLCAL WARQA'A FIRSTDubai04-561000004-4566737
Life Al Warqa Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai04-286524404-2865344
Life Al Yalayis 1 PharmacyDubaiDubai04-368342604-4566737
Life DIP PharmacyDubaiDubai04-885193304-8850559
Life Express PharmacyDeira DubaiDubai04-283342204-2833155
Life Guard Pharmacy LLCAL QOUZ THIRDDubai04-3333785 
Life Home Home care PharmacyDubaiDubai04-362480204-3624825
Life Mayefair PharmacyDubaiDubai04-5516840 
Life muraqabat Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai04-2979201 
Life Pearl PharmacyDubaiDubai04-551677004- 5516771
Life Pharamcy Barsha Heights Br of Life Pharmacy LLCAl BarshaDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharamcy Damascus Br of Life Pharmacy LLCAL QUSAIS SECONDDubai04-561000004-4566737
Life PharmacyKing Faisal RoadUmm Al Quwain06-764736406-7647346
Life Pharmacy UAQKing Faisal RoadUmm Al Quwain06-766063606-7665506
Life Pharmacy (Life Healthcare Group)Ras Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah04 5610000 
Life Pharmacy 10 BR of Life Pharmacy LLC ( Life Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 11 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCBarahaDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy 12 Br of Life Pharmacy LLCSheik Zaayed RoadDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy 13 Br of Life Pharmacy LLCAL HUDAIBADubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy 15 Br of Life Pharmacy LLCHOR AL ANZDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy 17 Br of Life Pharmacy LLCAL KHWANEEJ FIRSTDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy 18 Br of Life Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy 19 Br of Life Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy 19 Br of Life Pharmacy LLCMirdiffDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy 21 Br of Life Pharmacy LLC (Life Healthcare Group)Sheik Zaayed RoadDubai04-561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy 22 Br of Life Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 23 BR OF LIFE PHARMCY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy 25 Br of Life Pharmacy LLCAL KARAMADubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 27 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLC (Life Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04-561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 28 BR OF LIFE PHARMCY LLCAjmanAjman04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy 29 Br of Life Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy 3 - Deira City CentreDubaiDubai04 -236602104-3410009
Life Pharmacy 3 -International CityDubaiDubai04-5135355 
Life Pharmacy 3 BranchJumeirahDubai04-243410604-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 32 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCAjmanAjman04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy 4DubaiDubai04-277919904-2779120
LIFE PHARMACY 44 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy 46 Br of Life Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai04-561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy 46 Br of Life Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai04-561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 47 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy 5 LLCDubai Festival CityDubai04-2366623 
LIFE PHARMACY 51 )BR OF LIFE PHARMACY L.L.C(DubaiDubai04-561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy 53 Br of Life PharmacyWARSAN FIRSTDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy 54 Br of Life PharmacyDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 56 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 58 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 59 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 65 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 66 BR OF LIFE PHARMCY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 68 BR OF LIFE PHARMCY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 69 BR OF LIFE PHARMCY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy 7 LLC (Life Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04-561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 70 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 71 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 72 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 73 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 74 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 76 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 77 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 78 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 79 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy 8 Br of Life Pharmacy LLC (Life Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 81 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 82 (BR OF LIFE PHARMACY L.L.C)DubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 83 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 84 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 85 BR OF LIFE PHARMACYDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 86 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 87 (BR OF LIFE PHARMACY L.L.C)DubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 88 BR OF LIFEDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 94 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 95 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 96 (BR OF LIFE PHARMACY L.L.C)DubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 97 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY 98(BR OF LIFE PHARMACY L.L.C)DubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy DFC Br of Life Pharmacy LLCDubai Festival CityDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy DIP 2 Br of Life Pharmacy LLC ( Life Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04 880215704-4566737
Life Pharmacy Dusseldorf Br of life Pharmacy LLCAl BarshaDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy DWTC (Br of Life Pharmacy LLC)BUISNESS BAYDubai04-561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy FZ-LLCHealthcare CityDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY I B M 2 BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLC (Life Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy JVT 2 Br of Life Life Pharmacy LLCJumeirahDubai04-561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy L L C Lamcy Plaza BranchDubaiDubai04-396671104-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY L.L.C - BRANCH 1Umm Al QuwainUmm Al Quwain04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy L.L.C DMCC Branch ( Life Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04-561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy LLC (Branch)BUISNESS BAYDubai04-561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC - BRANCH OF ABU DHABI 14Al AinAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC - BRANCH OF ABU DHABI 2Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC - BRANCH OF ABU DHABI 33Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC - BRANCH OF ABUDHABI 13Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 10 - BRANCH OF ABU DHABI 53Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 12Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04-5610000 
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 16 - BRANCH OF ABU DHABI 77Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 17 - BRANCH OF ABU DHABI 63Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 18 BRANCH OF ABUDHABI 64Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 19 BRANCH OF ABUDHABI 65Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 2Umm Al QuwainUmm Al Quwain04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 21Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 25 - BRANCH OF ABUDHABI 85Al AinAl Ain04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 26 - BRANCH OF ABU DHABI 86Al AinAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy LLC Branch 31 Br of 6 Branch of Abu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi04-561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 34 - BRANCH OF ABU DHABI 15Al AinAl Ain04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 35 - BRANCH OF ABU DHABI 58Al AinAl Ain04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 36 BRANCH OF ABU DHABI 17Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 37 BRANCH OF ABU DHABI 18Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 38 - BRANCH OF ABUDHABI 95Al AinAl Ain04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 39 - BRANCH OF ABUDHABI 96Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 41 - BRANCH OF ABU DHABI 104Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy LLC Branch 42 - Branch of Abu Dhabi 24Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 43 BRANCH OF ABU DHABI 25Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy LLC Branch 44 - Branch of Abu Dhabi 37Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 47 BRANCH OF ABU DHABI 29Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH 62AjmanAjman04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH OF ABU DHABI 1Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH OF ABU DHABI 5Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy LLC Branch of Abu Dhabi 9Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH OF ABUDHABI 7Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH OF ABUDHABI 8Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy LLC Branch of Dubai - Branch of Abu Dhabi 1Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy LLC Branch of Dubai - Branch of Abu Dhabi 2Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC BRANCH SHJSharjahSharjah04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC DMCC BRDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC FUJAIRAH BR 1FujairahFujairah04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC SHJ BR BRANCH 1SharjahSharjah04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY LLC SHJ BR BRANCH 2SharjahSharjah04 561000004-4566737
LIFE PHARMACY MARINA BR OF LIFE PHARMACY LLCMarina DubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy Marina Walk Br of Life Pharmacy LLCMarina DubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Pharmacy Village Mall (Br of Life Pharmacy LLC)BUISNESS BAYDubai04-561000004-4566737
LIFE PHRMACY LLC - BRANCH OF ABUDHABI 6Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
Life Plus PharmacyBur DubaiDubai04-351333404-3518559
Life Rose PharmacyDubaiDubai04-552139504 - 5521392
LIFE SILICON PHARMACY LLCDubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
Life Trident PharmacyDubaiDubai04-553109204 - 5531094
Life Two Pharmacy LLC BranchBUISNESS BAYDubai04 - 552075004-4566737
Life Vision Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai04 554324404 5543255
LIFECARE CLINIC L.L.C - BRANCH 3Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-5503034 
LIFECARE CLINIC L.L.C. - BRANCHAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-583 3277 
LifeCare Clinic LLCAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-5824916 
Lifecare Hospital LLC BaniyasBaniyasAbu Dhabi02-585633302-5856663
Lifecare Hospital LLC Branch MusaffahMusaffahAbu Dhabi02-414822602-5554573
Lifecare International Pharmacy Branch MusaffahMusaffahAbu Dhabi02-414821502-5554573
Lifecare International Pharmacy BaniyasBaniyasAbu Dhabi02-585633302-5856663
Lifecare International Pharmacy LLC-BranchAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-582681202-6454760
Lifecare Medical Center LLCAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-5826812 
Lifenity International advanced Poly Clinic LLC BranchAl BarshaDubai04 2586624 
Lifenity International advanced Pharmacy L.L.CAl NahdaDubai04-3216964 
Lifenity International Advanced Poly Clinic LLCAl NahdaDubai04 3216964 
Lifenity International Clinical Laboratory LLCAl BarshaDubai  
Limar Medical CentreBuhairahSharjah06-574424506-5744246
Liwa Medical Centre L.L.CAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-882287728822820
Liwa PharmacyDubaiDubai04-355889804-3591445
LLH PHARMACY AL MUSAFFAH L.L.CMusaffahAbu Dhabi02-4116451 
LLH Hospital Al MusaffahMusaffahAbu Dhabi02-555771102-5557722
LLH Hospital LLC, ElectraElectraAbu Dhabi02-633552202-6333220
LLH Hospital Pharmacy Al MusaffahMusaffahAbu Dhabi02-555771102-5557722
LLH Hospital Pharmacy LLC, ElectraElectraAbu Dhabi02-633334002-6311244
LLH Medical Centre Al Musaffah (VPS Healthcare Group)Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-553141402-6418112
LLH MEDICAL CENTRE L.L.C.MusaffahAbu Dhabi02-4116452 
LLH Pharmacy LLC,ElectraAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-626308002-6263081
Lotus Medical Center L.L.CAl QuozDubai04-346538004-3465381
Lotus Pharmacy L.L.CDubaiDubai04-343313404-3433134
Lotus Pharmacy LLC, Abu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02- 555232502- 5552343
LUBNA PHARMACY LLC (Novo Healthcare Group)SharjahSharjah06 563722006-5630045
Lulu Al Falah PharmacyAl Wehda St.Sharjah06-536222506-5374464
Lulu Al Nahda PharmacyAL Nahda Sharjah06-545461106-5454610
Lulu Barsha PharmacyAl BarshaDubai04-341882804-3418838
Lulu Center Pharmacy LLCAl GussaisDubai04-220616104-2988616
Lulu Dibba PharmacyDibbaFujairah09-2431399 
Lulu Karama PharmacyAL KARAMADubai04-336997004-3369971
Lulu Pharmacy AjmanAjmanAjman06-745777106-7457772
M E D ONE PHARMACY L.L.CDubaiDubai04-2204005 
Madinat Al Kausar PharmacyAl BarshaDubai04-347365404-3473546
Madinat Al Qouz Pharmacy LLCAl QuozDubai04-338852206-5561133
Majed Pharmacyal ainAl Ain03-764111703-7512117
Majid PharmacyRollaSharjah06-568342206-5689170
Malak PharmacyAl GussaisDubai04- 263388904- 2611150
Mampilly Medical CentreRollaSharjah06-561646406-5616236
Manara Al Corniche PharmacySharjahSharjah06-551418006-5514181
Manara Al Jareena Pharmacy SharjahSharjah06-545320606-5453208
Manara Al Khan Pharmacy SharjahSharjah06-526713406-5267135
Manara Al Murqab PharmacySharjahSharjah06-521347106-5213472
Manchester Medical CentreSharjahSharjah06-554737306-5547337
Mansion Pharmacy LLCMarina DubaiDubai04-453726204-4537261
Mansour Pharmacy LLCAjmanAjman0565723124 
Marhaba Medical CenterDeira DubaiDubai04-222484404-2224874
Marhaba Medical CenterAl NakheelRas Al Khaimah07-2364667 
Marhaba PharmacyRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-227797007-2277973
MARHABA PHARMACY LLC (Novo Healthcare Group)SharjahSharjah06 523813006-5630045
Marina Al Corniche PharmacyCo-Op S/MAbu Dhabi02-639964602-6399554
Marina Care PharmacyAl QuozDubai04-346688904-3466998
Marina Center Pharmacy,DIFCInternational CityDubai04-363748404-3637485
Marina Gate PharmacyDubaiDubai04-422791504-4227916
Marina Greens PharmacyDubaiDubai04-366315004-3663140
Marina Jumeirah PharmacyUmm SuqeimDubai04-348671004-3486101
Marina Life PharmacyDubaiDubai04-420244704-4202448
Marina Medical Centre LLC (Previously Gulf Healthcare International - Amber)AL Roula St. opposite rotana hotelSharjah06-562523406-5621995
Marina Old Town PharmacyDubaiDubai04-420117204-4201174
Marina Palm PharmacyDubaiDubai04-435596304-4355964
Marina Pharmacy Burj KhalifaDubaiDubai04-380966904-3809664
Marina Pharmacy Deira City CenterDubaiDubai04-250068304-2500684
Marina Pharmacy Oasis-Silicon OasisDubai Silicon OasisDubai04-326484804-3264838
Marina Pharmacy ProminadeDubaiDubai04-447095604-3663420
Marina View PharmacyDubaiDubai04-447978004-4479781
Marsa Life PharmacyDubaiDubai04-429843104-4259814
Masfoot Medical Centre L.L.CAjmanAjman06-7452230 
Mashreq Pharmacy DubaiDubai04-2634081042634082
Mass Life Pharamcy Br of Life Pharmacy LLCMARSA DUBAIDubai04-561000004-4566737
Mawjood Pharmacy LLC - Al Neem GroupAjmanAjman067429030067429033
Mawrid Pharmacy Oud MethaDubai04-357751204-3577514
Med care Pharmacy LLCAL QUSAIS SECONDDubai04-3288884 
MED X Pharmacy L.L.CNADD AL SHIBA FIRSTDubai04-2854641 
Medeor 24x7 Hospital AbudhabiAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02 690060002 6900700
Medeor 24X7 Hospital LLC DubaiDubaiDubai800900600/04-350061304-3500601
Medeor 24x7 International Pharmacy LLC Al Ainal ainAl Ain03-709900003-7099288
Medeor 24x7 Pharmacy AbudhabiAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02 690060002 6900700
Medeor 24X7 Pharmacy DubaiDubaiDubai04-350061304-3500601
Medeor Medical Centre LLC (VPS Healthcare Group)Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-205430602-2054304
Medeor Pharmacy LLC- Al Zeina (VPS Healthcare Group)Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-205430602-2054304
Medi Cure PharmacyAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-622838302-6227199
Medi Green Pharmacy L.L.CDubaiDubai04-265253504-2682512
Medi Life PharmacyAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-445566802-4455668
Medi Plus Pharmacy LLCAl BarshaDubai 06-5561133
Medi Plus Pharmacy LLC-SHJ Br.Al Tawoon StreetSharjah06-554497706-5561133
Medi Prime Al Majaz Pharmacy LLC - Branch 1SharjahSharjah4707099906-5421034
Medi Prime Al Mizhar Pharmacy DubaiDubai04-284552204-2845457
Medi Prime Al Nahda Pharmacy LLC ( Prime Healthcare Group)AL Nahda Sharjah04-707099904-2721549
Medi Prime Al Qasimiah PharmacyAl Qassimia Sharjah06-575220006-5742296
Medi Prime Pharmacy DubaiDeira DubaiDubai04-272072004-2721549
Medi Prime Pharmacy AjmanAjmanAjman04-607987406-7073742
Medi Prime Pharmacy Al Qusais BranchAL QUSAIS FIRSTDubai04-607987604-2392380
Medi Prime Pharmacy Al Warqa (Br of Medi prime Pharmacy LLC)(Prime Healthcare Group)AL WARQA'A THIRDDubai04-7070999 
Medi Prime Pharmacy Barsha Heights (Br Of Medi Prime Pharmacy (L.L.C)DubaiDubai04-7070999 
Medi Prime Pharmacy Jumeriah Branch L.L.C (Br Of Prime Medical Centre L.L.C)DubaiDubai04-7070999042721549
Medi prime Pharmacy Motor City Br od Medi Prime Pharmacy LLC (Prime Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04-707099904-2721549
Medi Prime Pharmacy Reef Mall LLCDeira DubaiDubai04-607992804-2720614
Medi Prime Pharmacy SharjahKing Faisal Road Sharjah06-504404406-5515571
Medica Zone pharmacyDubaiDubai04-3383100 
Medical Centre PharmacyRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-2337544 
Medical Specialists Center Al BarshaAl BarshaDubai04-340949504-3405904
Medical Specialists Centre Bur DubaiBur DubaiDubai04-345404004-3460050
MEDICAL SPECIALITY CENTRE L L CAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-6336325 
MEDICARE PHARMACY LLC (Novo Healthcare Group)SharjahSharjah06-742920206-5630045
Medicina 1 Pharmacy (Medicina Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
Medicina 2 Pharmacy (Medicina Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
Medicina 21 Pharmacy (Medicina Group)SharjahSharjah023042000026261608
Medicina 22 Pharmacy (Medicina Group)SharjahSharjah023042000026261608
Medicina 23 Pharmacy (Medicina Group)SharjahSharjah023042000026261608
Medicina 24 Pharmacy (Medicina Group)SharjahSharjah023042000026261608
Medicina 3 Pharmacy (Medicina Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
Medicina 33 Pharmacy (Medicina Group)SharjahSharjah023042000026261608
Medicina 4 Pharmacy (Medicina Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
Medicina AL Fahidi Pharmacy (Medicina Pharmacy Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
Medicina First Pharmacy (Medicina Pharmacy Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy 28 (Medicina Group)FujairahFujairah023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy (Medicina Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy 10 (Medicina Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy 11 (Medicina Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy 12 (Medicina Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy 13 (Medicina Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy 14 (Medicina Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy 15 (Medicina Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy 16 (Medicina Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy 18 (Medicina Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy 25 (Medicina Group)SharjahSharjah023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy 26 (Medicina Group)SharjahSharjah023042000023042000
Medicina Pharmacy 27 (Medicina Group)Ras Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah02304200026261608
Medicina Pharmacy 29 (Medicina Group)AjmanAjman023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy 30 (Medicina Group)SharjahSharjah023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy 31 (Medicina Group)SharjahSharjah023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy 32 ( Medicina Group)Ras Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy 34 (Medicina group)Ras Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy 5 (Medicina Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy 6 (Medicina Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy 7 (Medicina Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy 8 (Medicina Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy 9 (Medicina Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy Ajman (Medicina Group)AjmanAjman023042000026261608
Medicina Pharmacy Branch 17 (Medicina Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
Medicine Shoppe Micro -Al BarshaAl BarshaDubai04-323793904 3237959
Medicom 1 Al Jameya Pharmacy DubaiDubai04-263367704 2613316
Medicom 13 Home Pharmacy AL KARAMADubai04-397773904-3977077
Medicom 2 Al Wasl Pharmacy JumeirahDubai04-344833304 3448989
Medicom 4 Town Pharmacy JumeirahDubai04-344007704 3440078
Medicom 10 Al Saba Pharmacy MirdiffDubai04-288599504 2881387
Medicom 11 New Flame Pharmacy Al GussaisDubai04-261155104 2611124
Medicom 12 Dubai Century Pharmacy AL RASHIDIYADubai04-285911004 2857252
Medicom 14 Madina Mall Pharmacy AL RASHIDIYADubai04 255873304 2558944
Medicom 17 Al Ansar PharmacyAL Nahda Sharjah06-531325606 5316487
Medicom 18 Al Alam PharmacySafeer MallAjman06-746466506 7464662
Medicom 23 Al Enaya PharmacyKhanRas Al Khaimah07-244143307 2441614
Medicom 5 Emirates Co-op Pharmacy DubaiDubai04-264992904 2649979
Medicom 6 Mazaya Pharmacy Sheik Zaayed RoadDubai04-343552204 3438838
Medicom 8 Century Pharmacy Deira DubaiDubai04-296504004 2965060
Medicom 9 Al Qemma Pharmacy Al GussaisDubai04-264081804 2645090
Medicom Al Pharabi PharmacyDubaiDubai04-226484404 2267181
Medicom Pharmacy 26jameyaUmm Al Quwain06-764973406 7649733
Medicom Pharmacy 27AjmanAjman06-741201306-7412014
Medicom pharmacy 33 LLCDeira DubaiDubai04-2733237 
Medicom Pharmacy 33 LLC UAQ BranchUmm Al QuwainUmm Al Quwain06-7650014 
Medicom Pharmacy 35 LLCDubaiDubai04-3455920 
Medicom Pharmacy 7 Br. Of Dm Pharmacies LLC (Formally Medicom -7 Flame Pharmacy (Medicom Aster Pharmacy Group)DubaiDubai04-287680404 2876904
Medicure Centre -Silicon OasisDubaiDubai04-379393104-3793932
Medicure Pharamcy LLC Branch,Mankhool (Medicure Centre)DubaiDubai04-3926268043987833
Medicure Pharmacy L.L.CDubaiDubai04-392626804-3926269
Medicure Poly Clinic LLC Branch - 2Umm SuqeimDubai04-3793931 
Medilife PharmacyDubaiDubai04-3237223 
Medilux Pharmacy L.L.CAL WARQA'A FIRSTDubai0559511722/042801630 
Medinova Diagnostic CentreBur DubaiDubai04-5090323/509032704-3888650
Mediprime Pharmacy RTA UMM RAMOOLDubai04-272072004-3389339
Medo Medical CentreNaemiyaAjman06-5556303 
Medsave Pharmacy MirdiffDubai04-284760004-2847601
Medseven Pharmacy LTDDubaiDubai04-5467274 
Medshop Gardens Pharmacy Discovery GardensDubai04-432959604-4329597
MEDZE CLINIC L.L.CDeira DubaiDubai042380924 
Mega Scan CentreBur DubaiDubai04-358588804-3585880
MenaLabs Medical LaboratorySharjahSharjah06-575497906-5754929
Mercury Star Pharmacy LLCIndustrial area Sharjah06-7677767 
Mesk Al Madina Medical Center LLCMusaffahAbu Dhabi02-550433302-5504331
Metawi Medical CenterAl Wehda St.Sharjah06-574299906-5752371
Metro Medical CentreKhalifa StreetAjman06-746969406-7469693
Metro Meds PharmacyKhalifa StreetAjman06-746969206-7469693
Mezhar Life PharmacyDeira DubaiDubai04-257117704-2571171
Mid East PolyclinicDubaiDubai04-2216888 
Middle East Medical CentreBuhairahSharjah06-575732306-5757325
Minerva Diagnostic LaboratoryAL KARAMADubai04-334372704-3343726
Mini VM PolyclinicAL QUSAIS FIRSTDubai0505153988042836030
Miracure Medical Centre LLCRas Al KhorDubai04-320250004-3200989
Mirdif Pharmacy MirdiffDubai04-288548104-2883470
MODDERN AL RIQQA PHARMACY.LLCSharjahSharjah06-524321406-5243256
Modern Al Ain Pharmacyal ainAl Ain(03) 762 8919(03) 762 8909
Modern Bait Al Maqdes PharmacyAl taawun SquareSharjah06-555207006-5552077
Modern Bin Sina Pharmacy ,Jimi Mall -Al Ainal ainAl Ain03-762060503-762-5603
Modern Bin Sina Pharmacy ,Sharjah University Airport RoadSharjah06-505327206-5053250
Modern Bin Sina Pharmacy,Diyafah StreetDubaiDubai04-398-602604-398-6042
Modern Dar Al Shifa PharmacyAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-644610002-6443314
Modern Dar Al Shifa Pharmacy - MusaffahMusaffahAbu Dhabi02-555793902-5557939
Modern Life PharmacyAl AweerDubai04-3332996 
Modern Medi Prime Pharmacy Sheik Zaayed RoadDubai04-338738704-3387397
Modern Pharamcy L.L.CDeira DubaiDubai04-222387904-2213730
MODERN PHARMEC - SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP LLCCity CentreAjman06-748006604-7480060
MONROE MEDICAL CENTER L.L.CSheik Zaayed RoadDubai04-3380085 
Mother PharmacyHor Al AnzDubai04-297432904-2974320
Muhaisna Specialist Medical CentreDubaiDubai04-264415504-2644152
Muhaisna Star Pharmacy DubaiDubai04-264403404-2644013
Muhammad Ayaz Pharmacy L.L.C - SharjahSharjahSharjah65526224 
Mulk E Health Telehealthcare LLCDeira DubaiDubai0569337544 
Multi Care Medical Centre L.L.CAl QuozDubai04-580789904-4245863
Multi Care Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai04-5807899 
Mumtaz PharmacyAl GussaisDubai04-261431804-2616014
Muraint Pharmacy L.L.CDubaiDubai04-379677104-3708971
Murshid PharmacyDubaiDubai04-225277404-2251124
Musalah Al Quoz PharmacyAl QuozDubai04-328592804-3285929
Musalla Sonapoor Pharmacy - Muhaisnah 2 (Sonapoor)MUHAISANAH SECONDDubai04-254446104-2544688
Musalla Tower PharmacyBur DubaiDubai04-396411804-3967990
Musheirif Medical CentreAjmanAjman06 - 744 26 2606 - 744 56 77
MVR Medical Center -DXBAl GarhoudDubai04-2327111 
N L V Medical Center L.L.CAL WASLDubai04-520 7777 
N M C Pharmacy, Abu DhabiZayedAbu Dhabi02 617982002 6327250
N.M.C Medical Centre (FZC)SharjahSharjah06-5028384 
Nad Al Hamar Pharmacy AL RASHIDIYADubai04-328429804-3284875
Nad Shamma PharmacyAL RASHIDIYADubai04-251410704-2514109
Nahda Al Naseem Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai 06-5561133
NAHDA SAHARA PHARMACY LLC (Novo Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04 258275006-5630045
Nahel Al Ain Pharmacyal ainAl Ain(03) 785 1188(03) 785 1165
Najmat Abu Shagara PharmacyAbushagaraSharjah 06-5561133
Najmat Al Shifa Medical Center LLCInternational CityDubai04-5802450 
NAJMAT SAHARA AL JADEEDA PHARMACY LLC (Novo Healthcare Group)SharjahSharjah06 531833406-5630045
Nakheel PharmacyHealthcare CityDubai04-437053004-4370529
National Al Ain Pharmacyal ainAl Ain(03) 762 7116(03) 762 7109
National ClinicNew IndustrialAjman06-748078006 7430369
Nature's Life PharmacyJumeirahDubai04-344112204-3491116
Natutal Life Pharmacy Abu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-553552802-5535548
Nawaiem PharmacyDubaiDubai06-556519506-5315443
Neopharmacy LLC Branch -Al Quoz 1(Non Government)AL QOUZ FIRSTDubai042360063 
Neopharmacy LLC Branch -Al Quoz IND2(Non Government)AL QOUZE IND.SECONDDubai043320266 
Neopharmacy LLC Branch -DIP 2(Non Government)DUBAI INVESTMENT PARK SECONDDubai048814919 
Neopharmacy LLC Branch-Jebel Ali Industrial 2(Non Government)JABAL ALI INDUSTRIAL SECONDDubai043885436 
New Advanced Care Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai04-8786503 
New Al Ain Pharmacyal ainAl Ain(03) 755 4440(03) 755 4414
New Al Hadiga PharmacyJumeirahDubai04-379155304-3791557
New Al Kanz Pharmacy -JLT Cluster JDubaiDubai04-392966904- 392 9529
New Al Kanz Pharmacy -JLT Cluster RJumeirahDubai04-552183004 5521801
New Al Khaleej medical center UAQUmm Al QuwainUmm Al Quwain06-767998906-7679097
New Al Manara Pharmacy Abu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-681508002-6816993
New Al Manara Pharmacy Dubai DubaiDubai04-360449504-3615180
New Al Musalla Medical Center L.L.C- Al QuozAl QuozDubai04-333345004-3332451
New Al Musalla Medical CentrEMUHAISANAH SECONDDubai04-264144904-2641499
New Al Nahda PharmacyAl NahdaDubai04-267285504-2673066
New Al Neem Pharmacy L.L.C - DubaiDubaiDubai4328212143287770
New Al Quoz Pharmacy Al QuozDubai04-338585404-3385856
New Al Shifa Pharmacy International CityDubai04-422747404-4227447
New AL Suwaidi Pharmacy LLCAL SATWADubai04-385921906-5561133
New Al Wafa PharmacyIndustrial area Sharjah06 535358006 5420272
New Al Wathba PharmacyBaniyasAbu Dhabi02 582282902 6668798
New Apollo PolyclinicAL KARAMADubai04-337904004-3346800
New Aster Pharmacy JLT DubaiDubai04-369772804-3697729
New Better Life PharmacyAl QuozDubai04-346609704-3466098
New Bin Sina Pharmacy,Deira City Center Deira DubaiDubai04-295-436704-295-7743
New Bin Sina Pharmacy,Dubai Health Care CityHealthcare CityDubai04-242783504 4298240
New Bin Sina Pharmacy,Khalifa CityKhalifaAbu Dhabi02 556214002-5562142
New Bin Sina Pharmacy,Mega Mall SharjahBehind Mega MallSharjah06-574-406606-574-5058
New Candles PharmacyZayedAbu Dhabi02-884434302-8844382
New City PharmacyBuhairahSharjah06-559363606-5552573
New Doha PharmacySheik Zaayed RoadDubai04- 332838504-3324330
New Dr.Sunny Medical CentreRollaSharjah06-563996606-5639977
New Famous Medical Centre L.L.CMusaffahAbu Dhabi02-553804002-5538040
New Grand 1 Pharmacy -DubaiDubaiDubai04-351847404-3519313
New Grand Murqabat PharmacyDeira DubaiDubai04- 255 227504- 255 2270
New Grand Pharmacy -AjmanAjmanAjman06-741258806-7412589
New Ibin Sina Medical CentreAjmanAjman06- 741 333006 - 74 14 963
New Lotus Medical Center L.L.C.Al GussaisDubai04-261979504-2619796
New Mamzar PharmacyDeira DubaiDubai04-296771004-2967701
New Mankhool PharmacyAL KARAMADubai04-385858004-3858581
New Mazaya PharmacyDubaiDubai04-328486204-3284268
New Medi Prime PharmacyBur DubaiDubai04-358497904-3709689
New Medical Centre LLCDubaiDubai06-545596606-5455967
New Medical Centre LLC – DeiraDeira DubaiDubai04-268980004-2682353
New Medical Centre Pharmacy BranchAjmanAjman06-5455966,6-714760006-5455967,6-7074675
New Medical Centre Pharmacy LLC, Al Ainal ainAl Ain03 755599903 7553366
New Medical Centre Pharmacy LLC-N.M.C-Branch 1BuhairahSharjah06-741090706-5455967,6-5598682
New Medical Centre Pharmacy N.M.CBuhairahSharjah06-714760006 – 5974188
New Medical Centre SharjahBuhairahSharjah06 – 575800006 – 5758787
New Medical Centre Specialty Hospital LLC, Al Ainal ainAl Ain03 755599903 7553366
New Medicina Pharmacy (Medicina Group)DubaiDubai023042000026261608
New Medilife Medical Centre LLCWARSAN THIRDDubai04-2888315 
New Medilife Pharmacy LLCBUISNESS BAYDubai04-2437666 
New Motor City PharmacyDubaiDubai04-447402204- 4474021
New National Medical Centre - LLCMusaffahAbu Dhabi02-5520100 
New National Medical Centre - LLCMusaffahAbu Dhabi02-5539777 
New National Medical Centre - LLCMusaffahAbu Dhabi02-5520110 
New Pharmacy Abu DhabiZayedAbu Dhabi02 632237902 6323599
New Pharmacy Company WLL Al Ain Branchal ainAl Ain02 622 866602 622 5005
New Riaz Medical Center,SharjahWaset St.Sharjah06-558335106-5385711
New Salahaldin PharmacyDubaiDubai04-333582204-3335877
New Sanaiya Clinic (New Sanaiya Group)DubaiDubai9716743229204 8859597
New Sanaiya Clinic BranchDubaiDubai04-268133304 2648201
New Sanaiya Clinic Branch - DIP - Right Health Investment LLC (Non -Government)DubaiDubai04 3335502 
New Sanaiya PharmacyDubaiDubai04-264820204 2648201
New Silicon PharmacyDubai Silicon OasisDubai04-320441004-4566737
New Smile PharmacyAl QuozDubai04-338133004-3381330
New Spring Pharmacy (Br of Life Pharmacy LLC ) (Life Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04 5610000 
New Vida Pharmacy Co. L.L.CNADD AL SHIBA SECONDDubai04-3283333 
Nexus Medical Clinic LLCRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-2332134 
Nexus Pharmacy LLCRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-233213407-2588929
Nice Life pharmacy (Br of Aster Pharmacies Group LLC) (Aster Group)DubaiDubai04-309290004-3092900
NMC Day Surgery Centre Pharmacy LLC, AbuDhabiAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02 691150102 5553349
NMC Hospital Br of NMC Royal Hospital LLCDUBAI INVESTMENT PARK FIRSTDubai971504232834 
NMC Hospital Pharmacy Br of NMC Royal Hospital LLCDUBAI INVESTMENT PARK FIRSTDubai971504232834 
NMC Medical Centre Ajman LLC- Br.AjmanAjman06-7147666 ,591444406-5455967,6-7074675
NMC Pharmacy Branch, Abu DhabiZayedAbu Dhabi02 617914302 6311760
NMC Royal Family Medical Centre L.L.CAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02 691150002 5553732
NMC Royal Hospital LLC ( Previously NMC Hospital LLC, DIPDUBAI INVESTMENT PARK FIRSTDubai04-237240904-2682353
NMC Royal Hospital Pharmacy (previously NMC Hospital LLC, DIP PharmacyDUBAI INVESTMENT PARK FIRSTDubai048108868048831960
NMC Royal Medical Center (Formally Royal Medical and Dental center )Ras Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-23328327,202800007-2334832
NMC Royal pharmacy (Formally Royal Pharmacy)Quasim CornicheRas Al Khaimah07-2028000,6-591444407-2334832
NMC Speciality HospitalAl GussaisDubai04-267999904-2678889
NMC Speciality Hospital LLC, Abu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02 633225502 6317303
NMC Specialty Hospital Pharmacy LLCAl NahdaDubai04-2679999,212241404-2678749
Nobles Pharmacy AL SATWADubai04-344211404-3490665
Noof PharmacyDubaiDubai04-852298804-8522394
Noor Al Haram PharmacyKing Faisal RoadUmm Al Quwain050-638343506-7660272
Noor Al Iman PharmacySheik Zaayed RoadDubai04-379011004 379 7881
Noor Al Mamzar PharmacyDubaiDubai04-266929904 - 2669644
Noor Al Satwa PharmacyAL SATWADubai04-344322904-3443529
Noor Al Shefa Clinic GroupJebel AliDubai04-881753004-8817593
Noor Al Shefa Clinic GroupAl AweerDubai04-388660104-3886609
Noor Al Shefa Clinic GroupAl QuozDubai04-380763604-2973679
Noor Al Shefa Clinic GroupJABAL ALI INDUSTRIAL FIRSTDubai04-887815504-8878156
Noor Al Shefa Clinic GroupDubaiDubai04-887801104-8878156
Noor Al Shefaa PharmacyDubaiDubai04 - 239689704 - 2396671
Noor Al Shifa Pharmacy L.L.C - RakRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah58648485 
Noor Alqusais Pharmacy LLCAl GussaisDubai04-263384404-2633868
NOOR ALSHEFA CLINIC (BRANCH) 4DubaiDubai04-8844666 
Noora Pharmacy LLCAjmanAjman06 745424406 5420272
NourAl Huda PharmacyBuhairahSharjah06-556249406-5565794
Nova Advanced Care Pharmacy LLCMUHAISANAH SECONDDubai04-2638227 
Novitas Clinic LLCInternational CityDubai04-5693389 
Novitas Pharmacy LLCInternational CityDubai04-5693389 
NOVO PHARMACY BRANCH (Novo Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04 - 239151606-5630045
NOVO PHARMACY LLC (Novo Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04 251743406-5630045
Oasis Life PharmacyAl GussaisDubai04-258677404-2586775
Oman PharmacyDeira DubaiDubai04-222207104-2221274
Onyx Medical CenterDubaiDubai052-9001923 
Orbit Star Pharmacy LLCAL BARAHADubai04-234891806-5561133
Orient PharmacyHor Al AnzDubai04-266010604-2682366
Orion Family PharmacyJebel AliDubai04-421337704-4253535
Our Care And Cure Medical Center L.L.CJebel AliDubai0561619127 
Our Life Guard Pharmacy LLC(Non Government)JABAL ALI INDUSTRIAL FIRSTDubai  
Oxford Medical Center L.L.C.MuroorAbu Dhabi02-448966602-4481771
Oxford Pharmacy LLCMuroorAbu Dhabi02-4489191oxfordpharmacy@yahoo
Ozone Pharmacy LLCNaemiyaAjman06-741011206-7410127
Palace Pharmacy Abu HailDubai04-269060604-2977963
Panacea Pharmacy Reef MallDubaiDubai04-223980504-2239056
Panacea Pharmacy Madinat JumeirahDubai04-368612304-3686121
Panorama RX PharmacyDubaiDubai04-455725604-4551086
Park Better Life PharmacyDubaiDubai04-884885904-8848829
Peoples Pharmacy LLC PharmacyAl BarshaDubai04-4475425,04333552004-4472551,043335521
Peshawar Medical Center L.L.CAl BarshaDubai04-297404004-2974343
PH Diagnostics LLCDubaiDubai04 354335004 3543360
PHOENIX HOSPITAL PHARMACY L.L.C.MusaffahAbu Dhabi02-615151502-8119170
Planet Pharmacy -AbudhabiAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02 557761102 5577622
Planet Pharmacy- MusaffahMusaffahAbu Dhabi02 554905502 5549056
Premier Medical CenterRollaSharjah06-561618806-5610755
Premier Pharmacy L.L.C (Life Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04-341142904-4566737
Primacare PharmacyBur DubaiDubai04 224 9769 
Primacare Speciality Clinics – Branch (Al Musalla Medical Centre, Al Barshaa (Al Musalla Medical Center 2 Group)Bur DubaiDubai04-396612304-3966493
Primacare Speciality Clinics LLCBur DubaiDubai04-396612304 396 6943
Primecorp Medical Center Al Qouz (Prime Healthcare Group)Sheik Zaayed RoadDubai047070999 
Primecorp Medical Center Al Qusais (BR OF PRIMECORP MEDICAL CENTER LLC)AL QUSAIS IND. SECONDDubai04-70709904-2721549
Primecorp Medical Center Al Warsan Pharmacy(Prime Healthcare Group)WARSAN THIRDDubai047070999042721549
Primecorp Medical Center Jabal Ali Branch (Prime Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04-707099904-2721549
Primecorp Medical Center L.L.C - Shj 1(Prime Healthcare Group)AL Nahda Sharjah04-707099904-2721549
Primecorp Medical Center LLCAl QuozDubai04 - 339754804 - 3396043
Primecorp Medical Center LLC DIP Branch (Prime Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04-707099904-2721549
Primecorp Medical Center LLC DWC Branch (Prime Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04-707099904-2721549
Pristine PharmacyDubaiDubai04-385224804-3852293
Pristine Pharmacy LLC - Non GovernmentRASHIDIA-3Ajman067497547 
Qalab Al Iman PharmacyDubaiDubai04-272324004-2724649
Qamar Al Satwa PharmacyAL SATWADubai04-344172004-3440730
Rafa Pharmacyal ainAl Ain03-765700603-7657009
RAHMATH SILA CLINICAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-872499902-8722087
RAK Hospitalbeside sakr hospitalRas Al Khaimah07-207444407-2074455
Rak Hospital PharmacyRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-207444407-2074455
Rals PharmacyAL QUSAIS FIRSTDubai0505153709042836030
Ramada Life PharmacyBur DubaiDubai04-352810404-3528106
RAMADA PHARMACY LLCHor Al AnzDubai04-284430604 2892270
Rasha PharmacyRollaSharjah06-562588906-5610755
Rashid Pharmacy Deira DubaiDubai04 221173904 2242204
Rashidiya Private PolyclinicBur DubaiDubai04-393938304-2622300
Rawabina PharmacySharjahSharjah06 551965406 5519653
Real 10 PharmacyDubaiDubai04-347974404 - 3479866
Real 3 PharmacyDubaiDubai04-357544604 - 3575448
Real 4 PharmacyDubaiDubai04-388155804 - 3881557
Real 5 PharmacyDubaiDubai04-257754504-2381860
Real 6 PharmacyDubaiDubai04-3529988 / 352998004 - 3529970
Real 7 Pharamcy DMCC (Branch)Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
Real 7 Pharmacy DMCCDubaiDubai04-551650604-5516507
Real 7 Pharmacy DMCC BranchJumeirahDubai04-242879804-4566737
Real 7 Pharmacy JLTDubaiDubai04-439177604- 4391793
Real One PharmacyBur DubaiDubai04-388770404-3887810
Real PharmacyDubaiDubai04-3413745 
Reem Al Nahda Medical & Diagnostic Centre LLCAL Nahda Sharjah06-530486406-5302464
Reem Al Nahdah PharmacyAL Nahda Sharjah065255825065255835
Reem Medical & Diagnostic Centre LLCRollaSharjah06-562083106-5621831
Reem PharmacyKing Faisal Road Sharjah06-559419406-5561133
Reham PharmacyAl Qassimia Sharjah06-573909406-5739094
Relief Medical Center LLCAjmanAjman06-7483030 
Relief Medical Center LLCAjmanAjman06-7483030 
Relief PharmacyDeira DubaiDubai04-228546204-2285271
Retaj Medical CenterRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-227777607-2359816
Retaj PharmacyRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-227777607-2359816
Riaz Medical Centre DubaiDubaiDubai04-2644130 
Riaz Specialist Medical Center LLCWaset St.Sharjah06-558335106-5385559
Right Health Clinic Jurf 2 LLC - Right Health Investment LLC (Non Government)AjmanAjman067404141 
Right Health Clinic Jurf LLC (New Sanaiya Group)AjmanAjman+9716743229204 8859597
Right Health Investment LLC - GroupDubaiDubai  
Right Health Pharmacy JURF 2 LLC -Right Health Investment LLC (Non -Government)AjmanAjman04 3836323 
Right Health Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai04-3335502 
Right Medical CentreAbushagaraSharjah06-5551575 
Riviera Life PharmacyDubaiDubai04 - 456422004 - 4564720
Rock Star Pharmacy LLCBur DubaiDubai04-234827706-5561133
Rokn Al Mezher Pharmacy Al GussaisDubai04-263546904-2615174
Rose Dental Center L.L.CAl NakheelRas Al Khaimah07-172287711 
Roua Pharmacy LLCKing Faisal RoadUmm Al Quwain06-766068806-7660688
Royal Dental ClinicHamad bin AbdullaFujairah09 224411209 2244102
Royal Grand PharmacyInternational CityDubai04- 447407804-4474079
Royal Life PharmacyBur DubaiDubai04-352922904-3529228
Royal Marina Pharmacy LLCMarina DubaiDubai04-457913404-4579143
Royal Memzer PharmacyAl MamzarDubai04-265955204-2659553
Royal Pharmacy -Abu DhabiAl KhalidyiaAbu Dhabi02-666642702-6655131
Royal Pharmacy -DubaiBur DubaiDubai04-352242604-3554662
Ruby ClinicDubaiDubai04-422689904 4226855
Ruby PharmacyDubaiDubai04-422689904 4226855
Rukn Al Hayat Pharmacy L.L.C - SharjahSharjahSharjah65444354 
Rukn Al Jawdah PharmacySharjahSharjah06-525564406-5255604
Rukn Al Wahda PharmacySharjahSharjah06-5433757 
Ruwais Hospital PharmacyAl RuwaisAbu Dhabi026020677028764867
RX PharmacyBur DubaiDubai04-355512904-3552150
S Z R Life Pharmacy Br of Life Pharmacy LLCSheik Zaayed RoadDubai04-561000004-4566737
Sabah Al Noor Medical Centre ( Al Noor Polyclinic Group)AbushagaraSharjah06-555844106-5558442
Safa Society pharmacyBur DubaiDubai04-394661804-3946338
Safaa Al Madam PharmacyAl MadamSharjah06-886111506-8861141
SAHARA AL JAZEERA PHARMACY LLC (Novo Healthcare Group)SharjahSharjah06 535334506-5630045
Sahara Al Mankhool PharmacyAl NahdaDubai04-255442704-2554437
Sahara Life PharmacySharjahSharjah06-556634906-5570786
Sahara Pharmacy Al GussaisDubai04-263848504-2638486
Sahara Pharmacy LLCMusaffahAbu Dhabi02-555639202-5556394
SAHARA STAR PHARMACY (Novo Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04 268848506-5630045
Sai Ganesh Medical Centre L.L.CAL QUSAIS FIRSTDubai0586400604 
Saifzone Medical CenterSharjahSharjah06-557847106-5578472
Saifzone PharmacySharjahSharjah06-557856006-5578561
SALALAH PHARMACY LLCRollaSharjah06-5771990 
Saleem PolyclinicAL SATWADubai04-349535304-3445527
Salim PharmacyBuhairahSharjah06-573626206-5736261
SALSABEEL PHARMACY LLC (Novo Healthcare Group)SharjahSharjah06 536898806-5630045
Sama Al Ain Pharmacyal ainAl Ain(03) 761 9858(03) 761 9859
Samari RX PharmacyDubaiDubai04-333053804-3334948
Samary Pharmacy L.L.CJABAL ALI INDUSTRIAL FIRSTDubai04-887801104-8878012
SAMARY PHARMACY L.L.C (BRANCH)DubaiDubai971543100680 
Sameena Medical CentreSharjahSharjah06-5636192 
Samer PharmacyAL KARAMADubai04-397190904-3973271
Samnan Medical CenterSharjahSharjah06-5663500 
Sana Habib Medical CentreSharjahSharjah06-539656606-5396466
Sara Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai04-359333004-3557759
SCIENTIFIC PHARMACY LLC (Novo Healthcare Group)SharjahSharjah06 548276206-5630045
Seha Pharmacy LLCUMM HURAIR FIRSTDubai04-2848233 
Sekher Medical ClinicAl QuozDubai04-338774904-3387749
Sereena Pharmacy Abu HailDubai04-269261804-2692628
Shams Al Nahda Pharmacy LLCAL Nahda Sharjah06-5722096 
Shams Makkah Pharmacy LLCRashidiyaAjman06-7445006 
Shanthi Medical CentreAbushagaraSharjah06-555899106-5599855
Sharjah PharmacyRollaSharjah06-562385006-5628955
Shefaa Al Madeena PharmacyDubaiDubai04-321419704-3214167
Shifa Al Jazeera Medical CentreSharjahSharjah971507699269 
Shifa Al Jazeerah Centre PharmacyAjmanAjman971 6 7444830 
Shifa Al Jazeerah Medical CentreAjmanAjman971 6 7444830 
Shifa Al Jazeerah Medical CentreAl NakheelRas Al Khaimah  
Shifa Al Jazeerah Pharmacy LLCAl NakheelRas Al Khaimah971 7 2211218 
Shindaga Pharmacy Bur DubaiDubai04-393388904-3933887
shj@shifaalkhaleeji.com;shifashj@gmail.com;receptionshj@gmail.comIndustrial area Sharjah06-5328558/422406-5328448
Sight Savers Optics L.L.CAL KARAMADubai04-3966633 
Sir Al Shifa PharmacyWaset St.Sharjah06-5465412 
Sirajudeen Medical CentreAL KARAMADubai04-334595504-3350955
Siyad Specialist Medical CentreMoweilehSharjah06-5358305 
Skin and Teeth Medical Center LLCAjmanAjman06-7444560 
Smile Art (Br of Oracare DEntal Clinic LLC)DubaiDubai0586400604 
Smile Care Medical CentreAl NakheelRas Al Khaimah07-228208007-2288992
Smile PharmacyDubaiDubai04-264356704-2643567
Sofitel Pharmacyal ainAl Ain(03) 767 6439(03) 761 6359
Specialist Medical CentreRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-2332255 
Specialists Medical Centre, AjmanAjmanAjman06 - 744 26 2606 - 744 56 77
Standard PharmacySanayia 37Abu Dhabi02-551339402-5513713
Star Mirdif Pharmacy LLCMirdiffDubai04-284535204-2845353
Stars PharmacyMoweilehSharjah06-562663206-5626632
Sunny Al Buhairah Medical CentreBuhairahSharjah06 – 556668906 – 5566698
Sunny Al Nahda Medical CentreAL Nahda Sharjah06 -530525206-5305255
Sunny Dental CentreBuhairahSharjah06-573830006-5733769
Sunny Halwan Speciality Medical Centre (Dr.Sunny's Healthcare Gp/ NMC Healthcare )SharjahSharjah06-506166606-5455966
Sunny Maysloon Speciality Medical Centre LLC (Dr.Sunny's Healthcare Gp/ NMC Healthcare)MaislonSharjah06-545596606-5455967
Sunny Sharqan Medical Centre L.L.CSharjahSharjah06-566799606-5455967
Sunny Speciality Medical Centre L.L.CRollaSharjah06-568870706-5688747
Super Life PharmacyMeadowsDubai04-360880004-3605809
Sustainable Life Pharmacy LLC(Life healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04-561000004-4566737
Taiba PharmacyMasafiFujairah09-256474909-2564749
Taibah Al Ain Pharmacyal ainAl Ain(03) 754 4088(03) 754 5557
Taj PharmacyDeira DubaiDubai04-228284904-2282414
Tajeran PharmacyKing Faisal RoadUmm Al Quwain06-765229106-7652291
Tajmeel Cosmo Clinic LLCal ainAl Ain02-6107887 
Tariq PharmacyAl GussaisDubai04-263502004-2635055
Texas Medical LabSharjahSharjah06-562298806-5622989
The Pointe Life Pharmacy (Life Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
Thumbay Clinic LLCAbushagaraSharjah06-5523177 
Thumbay Clinic LLCAL MUTEENADubai04-2633133 
Thumbay Clinic LLCSharjahSharjah09-2773337 
Thumbay Clinic LLCRas Al KhorDubai04-3261666 
Thumbay Clinic LLCSharjahSharjah06-5212277 
Thumbay Clinic LLCUmm Al QuwainUmm Al Quwain06-7051533 
Thumbay Clinic LLCRashidiyaAjman06-7119555 
Thumbay Clinic LLCMoweilehSharjah06-5449444 
Thumbay Hospital LLC Ajman BranchAjman-SharjahAjman06 746333306 7464444
Thumbay Hospital LLC Fujairah BranchFujairahFujairah09-224423309-2244277
Thumbay Hospital PharmacyFujairahFujairah09 224 4233092220874
Thumbay Hospital PharmacyNuamiyaAjman067463333067464444
Thumbay Hospital Pharmacy - Dubai (Dubai Government Only)DubaiDubai+971 4 6030555042988804
Thumbay Medical & Dental Speciality CenterMoweilehSharjah06-535811106-5438117
Thumbay Pharmacy - Ajman( Thumbay Pharmacy LLC )AjmanAjman06-747070106-7463333
Thumbay Pharmacy 1 Ajman (Thumaby Pharmacy Group LLC)AjmanAjman06-745377106-7453781
Thumbay Pharmacy 10 Branch of Thumbay Pharmacy LLC Dubai (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)DubaiDubai04-273351504-2733515
Thumbay Pharmacy 11 RAK (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)Ras Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07 233944007-2339932
Thumbay Pharmacy 13 Ajman (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)AjmanAjman06-731949406-7318566
Thumbay Pharmacy 13Branch of Thumbay Pharmacy LLC DXB ( Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)DubaiDubai04-557977104-5579771
Thumbay Pharmacy 14 Ajman (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)AjmanAjman06-747509106-7453781
Thumbay Pharmacy 14Branch of Thumbay Pharmacy LLC DXB (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)DubaiDubai04-552032904-2557772
Thumbay Pharmacy 15 Ajman (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)AjmanAjman06-745079206-7450378
Thumbay Pharmacy 17 Fujairah (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)FujairahFujairah09-222125309-2221273
Thumbay Pharmacy 18 Ajman (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)AjmanAjman06-711911106-7119111
Thumbay Pharmacy 2 Br of Thumbay Pharmacy LLC Dubai (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)DubaiDubai04-267670504-2676705
Thumbay Pharmacy 3 Ajman (Thumbay Pharmacy group LLC)AjmanAjman06 744 860506 744 8607
Thumbay Pharmacy 3 Branch of Thumbay Pharmacy LLC Dubai (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)DubaiDubai04-353009904-3539292
Thumbay Pharmacy 4NuamiyaAjman067463333067464444
Thumbay Pharmacy 4 LLC Branch Dubai (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)DubaiDubai04-272577904-2884805
Thumbay Pharmacy 5 Ajman (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)AjmanAjman06-745488306-7454973
Thumbay Pharmacy 5 Branch of Thumbay Pharmacy LLC Dubai (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)DubaiDubai04-353975504-2557772
Thumbay Pharmacy 6FujairahFujairah09 224 4233092220874
Thumbay Pharmacy 6 LLC Branch DXB (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)DubaiDubai04-399469404-3809007
Thumbay Pharmacy 7 Branch of Thumbay Pharmacy LLC Dubai( Thumaby Pharmacy Group LLC)DubaiDubai04-450854004-4508541
Thumbay Pharmacy 7 Rak (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)Ras Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-226719007-2263698
Thumbay Pharmacy 8 Branch of Thumbay Pharmacy LLC Dubai (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)DubaiDubai04-359452004-3594510
Thumbay Pharmacy 8 UAQ (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)Umm Al QuwainUmm Al Quwain06-705154406-7051534
Thumbay Pharmacy 9 Branch of Thumbay Pharmacy LLC DXB(Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)DubaiDubai04-442653904-2557772
Thumbay Pharmacy 9 RAK (Thumbay Pharmacy Group)Ras Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-235836207-2369231
Thumbay Pharmacy LLC - DeiraDeira DubaiDubai04-251292904-2551407
Thumbay Pharmacy LLC Br 1 Sharjah ( Thumbay Pharmacy group LLC)SharjahSharjah06-566837506-5238585
Thumbay Pharmacy LLC Br 2 Sharjah (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)SharjahSharjah06-5614361906-5618261
Thumbay Pharmacy LLC Br 4 Sharjah (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)SharjahSharjah06-551850906-5518504
Thumbay Pharmacy LLC Br 5 Sharjah ( Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)SharjahSharjah06 567148206 5213362
Thumbay Pharmacy LLC Branch 10 Sharjah (Thumbay Pharmacy LLC Group)SharjahSharjah09-277407009-2774070
Thumbay Pharmacy LLC Branch 11 Sharjah (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)SharjahSharjah06-535649706-5357658
Thumbay Pharmacy LLC Branch 3 Sharjah (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)SharjahSharjah06-535649706-5357658
Thumbay Pharmacy LLC Branch 6 Sharjah (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)SharjahSharjah06-535678906-5359524
Thumbay Pharmacy LLC Branch 7 Sharjah (Thumbay pPharmacy Group LLC)SharjahSharjah06-505325506-5053255
Thumbay pharmacy LLC Branch 8 Sharjah (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)SharjahSharjah06-516625506-5166255
Thumbay Pharmacy LLC Branch 9 Sharjah (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)SharjahSharjah06-537049906-5370499
Thumbay Pharmacy LLC Branch Ras Al Khor - Dubai (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)DubaiDubai04-320140006-7318566
Thumbay Pharmacy LLC Branch Satwa (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)DubaiDubai04-344816204-3448163
Thumbay Pharmacy One Br of Thumbay Pharmacy LLC Dubai (Thumbay Pharmacy Group LLC)DubaiDubai04-267765604-2557772
Thumbay Pharmacy Sharjah (Thumbay Pharmacy group LLC)SharjahSharjah06-748781206-7487832
Thumbay University Hospital Complex L.L.CAjmanAjman06-743133306-7431222
Thumbay University Hospital Complex Pharmacy L.L.CAjmanAjman06-743133306-7431222
Topcare Pharmacy Al Jadeeda L.L.C - AjmanAjmanAjman67317277 
TOPCARE PLUS PHARMACY LLC ( Al Neem Group)AjmanAjman067680006 
Town Life PharmacyMirdiffDubai04-284835504-2848356
Town Life Pharmacy LLCAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi04 561000004-4566737
Town Square Life Pharmacy Br of Life Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai04-561000004-4566737
Tram Life PharmacyDubaiDubai04-558674404 5586745
Trust Medical LaboratoryAl MamzarDubai04-239876604-2398299
Ultra Medical Center Pharmacyal ainAl Ain03-762555203-7625559
UMDC Pharmacy LLCAl NakheelRas Al Khaimah07-2272757 
Umm Ghaffa Pharmacyal ainAl Ain(03) 780 9345(03) 780 9345
Umm Hurair PharmacyDubaiDubai04 338376604 3383711
Unicare Medical Centre SharjahBuhairahSharjah06-563031306-5620301
Unicare PharmacyAL KARAMADubai04-359952304-3599839
Unicare Star PharmacyAL SATWADubai04-386 881104-386 8866
Union Medical & Dental Center LLCRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah07-2272402 
Union Pharmacy Bur DubaiDubai04-393561904-3935324
Uniquecare Pharmacy LLCInternational CityDubai04-580867506-5561133
United Pharmacy 2(Br of United Pharmacy Investment LLC)DubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
United Pharmacy AL Zahiah LLCSharjahSharjah04 561000004-4566737
UNITED PHARMACY AL ZAHIAH LLC - BRANCH 1SharjahSharjah04 561000004-4566737
United Pharmacy IBN Battuta(Br of United Pharmacy Investment( LLC)DubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
United Pharmacy(Br of United Pharmacy Investment LLC)DubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
Unity Pharmacy L.L.CBur DubaiDubai04-5462804 
Up Town PharmacyDubaiDubai04-339276204-3392762
Vcare Pharmacy LLCAl NahdaDubai04-238949204-2389141
Vcare Polyclinic LLCDubaiDubai04 265440004 2654433
Venniyil Medical CentreSharjahSharjah06-568225806-5694565
VIDA CLINICS LLCBur DubaiDubai04-325252504-3557474
Vida Clinics LLC (Branch)MUHAISANAH SECONDDubai04-3283333 
Vita United Pharmacy(Br of United Pharmacy Investment LLC)DubaiDubai04 561000004-4566737
VIVID PHARMACY LLCMusaffahAbu Dhabi028820881 
Wahat Al Sajaa Medical ClinicSharjahSharjah055 2090109 
Wajeat Al Khoor PharmacySharjahSharjah06-537388306-5373884
Waseem PharmacyAl taawun SquareSharjah06-577093006-5772115
Wazirustan Medical Centre L.L.C.GhayathiAbu Dhabi02-8741400 
We Care Medical Centre L.L.CAL KARAMADubai04-261106104-2611060
Wecare E R X Pharmacy L.L.CAL KARAMADubai04880417904-2611060
Wellcare Pharmacy LLCAL QOUZ FOURTHDubai04-2322211 
Westhill PharamcyAL KARAMADubai04-337713104-3344136
Weston pharmacyDubaiDubai04-265276704-3596554
Yacoub Pharmacy Bur DubaiDubai04-352333204-3511188
Yara PharmacyDeira DubaiDubai04-222550304-2225593
Yas Medical Center L.L.CSharjahSharjah0547029616 
Yas Pharmacy L.L.CSharjahSharjah547029615 
Yassat Life Pharmacy (Life Healthcare Group)DubaiDubai04-561000004-4566737
Yassat Life Pharmacy LLCDubaiDubai04-341000804-3410009
Zabeel Pharmacy LLCBUISNESS BAYDubai04-301961504-5897129
Zahrat Al Madinah Pharmacy LLCNational PaintSharjah06-532707506-5561133
Zahrat AlRabie PharmacySharjahSharjah06-554680006-5546866
Zahrat Noor Al Shefaa Pharmacy L.LC -RakRas Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah72220103 
Zakher Pharmacyal ainAl Ain(03) 780 7767(03) 780 7767
ZAMZAM PHARMACY LLC (Dubai)Al QuozDubai04-339439504-3394396
ZAMZAM PHARMACY LLC (Dubai)Industrial area Sharjah06-535714106-5357142
ZAMZAM PHARMACY LLC (Dubai)DubaiDubai04-287529604-2855737
ZAMZAM PHARMACY LLC (Dubai)SharjahSharjah06-561189106-5611892
Zanbaq Almadina Pharmacy LLCMusaffahAbu Dhabi02-550433302-5504331
Zayd PharmacyDubaiDubai04-329132504-3291327
Zulekha Medical Centre Branch - Baniyas Squar (Non -Government / Dubai Police Group Only)Deira DubaiDubai04-222191904-2225995

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